UgliesUglies (Uglies, #1) by Scott Westerfeld
Published by Simon Pulse on February 8th 2005
Pages: 425
ISBN: 0689865384
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Tally lives in a dystopian society where everyone gets “pretty” on their 16th birthday. Prior to the surgery that will change their looks from “ugly” to “pretty” they live in dorms. Tally is looking forward to being “pretty” and then she meets Shay – a teen who does not want the operation but years to run away and live outside the city. Tally is basically forced to find her friend and spy on her and her newfound friends or stay ugly forever. She learns why people turned away, the truth and consequences of the operation, and about loss. The author makes a point about self acceptance, not judging someone by their looks, body image, etc. The book is okay. I know there are more books in the series but I don’t think I will be reading them.