Blood Sisters: Reflections

Blood Sisters: ReflectionsReflections (Blood Sisters, #1) by Joe Krakovsky, Ruth Krakovsky
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 359
ISBN: 1634183924
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This book begins with an ancient battle and the death of a prominent general in ancient Egypt. His mummification and burial should be done with honor and great care – but a woman who feels wronged by him is put in charge of the mummification process and she takes her revenge and has his body moved. Cursed for all time as are those who may find his body…….

Seventeen-year-old Lily and her father, Sir Arthur Billingsley, are given the opportunity to join an expedition to the ancient pyramids of Egypt. She yearns for adventure and can’t wait to explore and hopes to find hidden tombs, see mummies, and go on the adventure of a lifetime. Little does she know that this trip will indeed be the adventure of a lifetime but not the adventure she was hoping for. Hungry crocodiles become the least of their worries as the journey begins.

Lily quickly learns that life in other areas of the world are not as idyllic as the life she led in England. She witnesses a slave market and rescues a young slave named Bala. Eventually they overcome their language barrier, their differences and form a friendship and learn to rely on each other especially when things begin to go horribly wrong on the expedition.

When a hidden tomb is found, things turn from bad to worse for those on the expedition. Illness strikes which leaves the reader to wonder is this the work of the ancient curse on the Mummy or something else entirely. Kidnappings, death and sickness plague this expedition – no one is safe- how will they survive? Will they survive?

Part action, part mystery, part coming of age, this book reads like a movie. It was easy to imagine the journey and the events which unfolded during the expedition. I would have liked to have seen more of the ancient Egypt times, specifically what happened to woman who the placed the curse on the Mummy (hint hint – maybe there is another book here). Overall an enjoyable read with vivid characters – some likable, some not so-likable. I enjoyed the contrast of seeing some of the characters growing and maturing while others (I am thinking of one in particular) showed their true colors/nature. Fans of ancient Egypt, mummies and ancient curses and adventure should enjoy this book!

I received a copy of this book from the Authors in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.