Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles to Success and Happiness

Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles to Success and HappinessThink Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles to Success and Happiness by Roy Huff
Published by Createspace on June 8th 2017
Pages: 266
ISBN: 1547206985
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f I had to sum up Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Principles to Success and Happiness, I would say it is about being mindful in all aspects of your life. True, some, if not all, of the key principles we have heard before. Nothing is too earth shattering here, but what works in this book are the Author’s personal accounts the go with each key principle. He shows a glimpse of his life and how he utilized a key principle to turn things around, to learn from past mistakes/behaviors and to move on and make his life better. True story accounts are helpful in self help books as the accounts give the reader of an example. Examples can give us AHA! moments which help us relate to what we are reading.

There are 52 principles as stated in the chapter but the ones that resonated with me were: forgiveness, reflect on the day, compartmentalize, breathe and do something small, but do it daily.
I found this book to be well written and I enjoyed the real life applications of the principles. I like the focus on being mindful of your time, your thoughts, your consumption and your finances. This book really does focus on the daily things in our lives which can add up to stress and unhappiness.

Most people turn to self help books when they want to make a change in their lives and need a place to start. This book will be a good beginning. But with all things in life, it is one thing to educate yourself, it is another thing to take action. Hopefully this book will motivate people to do just that.

I was contacted by the Author about reading his book. The above is my honest review.