Deadly Secrets (Detective Erika Foster #6)

Deadly Secrets (Detective Erika Foster #6)Deadly Secrets (Detective Erika Foster, #6) by Robert Bryndza
on January 1st 1970
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If you have not read this series, do yourself a favor and check it out. Seriously, READ this series!!! This book works very well as a standalone novel, but I highly recommend that you go back to the very first book (The Girl in the Ice) and begin there!!!! I was lucky enough to get an ARC of the Girl in the Ice and it blew me away. I have been a HUGE fan of this Author and series ever since.

This book begins with a murder of a young woman. The next morning, a mother wakes up to find her blood-soaked body frozen to the ground. Who would commit such a murder so close to the victim’s home? Erika Foster is called to the scene and quickly learns that there have been a series of assaults close to the neighborhood where the young woman was killed. The assailant in the assaults dressed all in black and wore a gas mask. Could the cases be related? As Erika begins to investigate, she and her team uncover some interesting information about the murder victim, those who live in her neighborhood and the other victims of the assault.

Whew! What I love about Robert Bryndza’s series, is that it is intelligent. He does not spoon feed his readers. His plots have several layers, and the subplots eventually will tie together in a believable and timely way. He has a lot of characters in his books from the detectives, the victims, their families, and the suspects. Although there are quite a few characters, it is very easy to keep track of everyone. There are several twists and turns, interesting characters, character development, great police work and realistic dialogue.

I also like that Erika is not a one-woman show. In this book, Moss steps up the plate as well. Plus, his female detectives are strong women. Yes, they have some flaws, but they are hardworking, intelligent women. I really appreciate how he writes them and gives them depth! Plus, he continues to showcase his other characters as well. As I stated there is great character development and if you read this series, issues from past books will show up to either be resolved or continue in the next book.

This book is the perfect read for those who love mystery’s, thrillers, police procedural, etc. The scenes are not overly graphic, so they should not turn off the majority of readers. I find this series to be riveting page turners, I am usually on the edge of my seat and often, as in this case, read his books in one sitting as I cannot put them down!

This book (as is this series) is very well-written, perfectly paced, captivating and quite an enjoyable read.

Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.


Cold Blood

Cold BloodCold Blood (Detective Erika Foster, #5) by Robert Bryndza
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 300
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Erika Foster is on the case again!

Whew! Where to start…..I know, how about the suitcases containing the dismembered dead bodies of a man and woman. Plus, there is that young girl who is hungry for love, she knows the slightly older man she has a crush on is up to no good, but you don’t get to choose who you love, do you? What happens when you fall in love with a bad boy? A really bad boy – one who sells drugs and progresses to *gasp* kill people. Do you still love him? This reminds me of the quote by Friedrich W. Nietzsche, “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” What happens when you love a monster? Do you become one as well? Well, do you?

As Erika begins to investigate the dead bodies found in the suitcases, she finds that there is another victim, a woman in an identical suitcase two weeks earlier. While investigating the case, she is brutally attacked and sadly learns that someone she knows and trusts has set her up. As if she needs more on her plate.

But wait…apparently she does need more on her plate as her colleague’s daughters are kidnapped. The hunt intensifies as Erika and her team are more motivated than ever to find the missing girls. Will there be justice? Will the killer(s) be brought to justice? Read and find out.

Erika continues to be a flawed yet likable character. She is tough as nails but also has a soft side that he keeps hidden most of the time. As with the previous books in this series, this book is fast paced and the action keeps coming. The reader knows from the start the identity(s) of the serial killer(S). There is not much guessing for the reader. I will admit, I do love putting on my super sleuth hat and trying to figure out who the bad guy is when I read a book. Having said that, I do really enjoy how the Author shows us the bad guy and the reader sees what motivates him/her. I like how Erika’s investigation and the killer(s) actions are shown. The reader gets to see the sick and twisted relationship between Max and Nina.

I will admit that I do not think that this book was as good as the previous books in the series(this is book #5). It is still a 4 star read for me. I will absolutely keep reading this series but this one did WOW me as much as the other have. I would also love to see more of Erika’s colleagues have more character development. They are in each book, I would like to get to know them a little better. I think there is a fine line here, in showing us the killers and what is going on in their life, the story cannot fully focus on the investigators besides DCI Erika Foster. I would love to see a way to have the best of both worlds: glimpse into the lives of the bad guys while still getting to see the investigative team in action in both their personal and professional lives.

As long as Bryndza keeps the books coming, I will keep reading them!

I received a copy of this book from Bookouture and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Last Breath

Last BreathLast Breath (Detective Erika Foster, #4) by Robert Bryndza
Published by Bookouture on April 12th 2017
Pages: 281
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The Dangers of online dating…..If he seems too good to be true – he probably is.

Each murder victim in this book has met a witty, charming, handsome man online and then agreed to meet him in person – to never be seen alive again.

When a tortured, beaten dead body of a young woman is found inside a dumpster, Detective Erika Foster is one of the first on the scene. The downside…it’s not her case. She is working in another division but she can’t turn her back on the dead woman’s case. She inserts herself into the investigation until a turn of events allows her to transfer back to her old stomping grounds and fully investigate the case. Or shall I say cases as more young women are found viciously murdered.

The killer is stalking his victims online using a fake identity. He changes his identity and picture to suit his victims interests. What is interesting, is that the reader knows the identity of the killer. Sometimes this works for me in a book, sometimes it does not. It WORKED in this book!!! I enjoyed reading his story, about his life, how he stalked his victims, and what he thought of the investigation. We also see how her interacts with others in both his professional and personal life.

This book is part of the Erika Foster series by Bryndza but it works well as a stand alone book. If you have not read the other books in this series, I encourage you to do so. If you have read the previous books as I have, it is a joy to see the character development and the characters from the previous books. Erika continues to be a strong female character who often shoots her mouth off when she feels strongly about the cases she investigates. She also continues to have commitment issues which stem form the death of her husband.

Bryndza continues to write a gripping fast paced series. I appreciate how he has written a strong, confident female lead character who feels real and yet struggle with issues in her personal life. She feels for the victims and pushes herself to always do right by them. This series, and this book, is well-written, entertaining, fast paced and twisted all at the same time.

This book (and the other’s in this series) should appeal to everyone who enjoy mysteries, thriller, murder mysteries and police procedural books. Yes, there are murders but there is nothing too gory or cringe worthy to turn off most readers. I look forward to more in this series. I have a feeling that this Author is only getting warmed up and has a lot more up his sleeve.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Dark Water

Dark WaterDark Water (DCI Erika Foster #3) by Robert Bryndza
Published by Bookouture on October 20th 2016
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Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third book in the Erika Foster series but works very well as a stand alone book. For those who are following the series, we do see some character development with Erika Foster. We see her beginning to move on past the death of her husband.

While Detective Erika Foster, her co-workers and divers are looking at the bottom of a local quarry for a hidden drug cache, they come across the body of a young girl. A girl who had gone missing twenty-six years earlier. Intrigued by the discovery of the 7 year old’s body, Erika asks to be put on the case. She is made the lead detective and works with her co-workers to investigate the girls disappearance and death.

Twenty six years earlier, 7 year old Jessica Collins was walking to a birthday party and never arrived. She had not been seen since her body was found in the quarry by police divers. After her disappearance, another female police detective investigated the case and eventually lost her job and the force was sued by a prime suspect.

Both Erika and Amanda, the previous detective on the case, want to find out how Jessica was abducted and left in the quarry. Both have suspects in mind, both are trying to hunt down a killer in their own way. While Erika and to a small degree, Amanda, are trying to solve the case, they are being watched. The Author even gives us the name of the person watching them but it really gives nothing away. Someone is hell bent on keeping a secret and covering up the young girl’s death.

Erika continues to work with her team to find justice. The Author does a good job with police procedures and detective work. His books are emotionally grabbing and intelligent. Everything her writes makes sense. Nothing in his books feel rushed. His books progress at a nice pace. He also does not fill his books with gritty violence or graphic sex which makes his books more reader friendly(for lack of a better word)for the squeamish or those who don’t like graphic sex or violence in their books.

This book is full of secrets and interesting characters. Some of the characters seem a little over the top but in a good way. I really liked how the book unfolded and the case was solved. I didn’t figure this one out but in the end everything made sense. I found that I enjoyed the first book in the series much more than I enjoyed this one, that is not to say that this is not an enjoyable book because it is. I do plan on reading book #2 in this series and I will definitely keep reading books by this Author.

I find it interesting that this Author first wrote romantic comedy novels. This goes to show his versatility as a writer. I have not read his other books, outside of the Erika Foster series, but I assume that are as equally as enjoyable as this series.


The Girl In The Ice

The Girl In The IceThe Girl In The Ice (DCI Erika Foster, #1) by Robert Bryndza
Published by Bookouture on February 12th 2016
Pages: 396
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Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wow…just Wow…

Honestly, I can tell you that this book is FANTASTIC! This book really took me by Surprise. From the very beginning, when a woman is walking alone and a car pulls up beside her, I was hooked. This book had a great build up from beginning to the end. I thought the pace of this book was perfect. Nothing felt rushed. I really dislike when I read a book and it is great and then the ending comes out of left field. There is no disappointment to this book. The investigation felt like it was moving at the right speed. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

The woman’s body is found under the ice. Thus begins the investigation into her murder. She turns out to be a wealthy socialite. The investigator in charge, Erika, comes with understandable baggage. During her last investigation, her husband, as well as fellow officers, were killed. She is still recovering from her loss when she comes back to work as the officer in charge of this investigation. She is faced with red tape, bureaucracy, a killer hell bent of not being found, and the uncooperative family of the victim.

The story is smart. This book has layers and various plot twists. The story is very well thought out and comes together very nicely in the end. What doesn’t make sense will in fact make sense in the end. Brilliant.

The victim count rises as does the suspense in this novel. I loved that I did not figure out who the killer was until the end. I figured out who was the killer when Erika did. I thought this was a great touch. Erika is a great character. A strong female protagonist. She has her issues but is dedicated to solving this case no matter what toes she has to step on or what she has to do to get to the truth.