Hell House

Hell HouseHell House by Richard Matheson
Published by Severn House Publishers on July 1st 2004
Pages: 301
ISBN: 0727860992
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Another Great book by Matheson. I really liked “I am legend” by Matheson and Hell House did not disappoint. I admit, I did pick up this book after seeing it on the “50 scariest books of all time” list somewhere on the internet. The beginning of the book started out a little slow for me; however, Matheson does know how to build the tension as he builds his plot. Once things started happening in this book, Matheson did not hold back. This book is about a Haunted House and being possessed.

Four people enter “Hell House” in Maine after being hired to do so by a dying Millionaire to determine if there is life after death. Dr. Lionel Barrett, a physicist his wife Edith, Florence Tanner, a Spiritualist and Benjamin Fischer, a physical medium (and the sole survivor of a failed investigation of the haunted house) enter the infamous Belasco House in Maine, regarded as the most haunted house in the world.

In one way or another, each individual begins to experience trauma especially Florence by unknown forces. If you like scary books, books on ghosts, haunted houses, paranormal activity, or possession this may be the book for you. Some reviews felt the book may be dated. It was written in the 70’s so keep that in mind while reading it.