Walking the Bones

Walking the BonesWalking the Bones (Ryan DeMarco Mystery #2) by Randall Silvis
Published by Sourcebooks Landmark on January 23rd 2018
Pages: 464
ISBN: 1492646911
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Sergeant Ryan DeMarco is on a road trip in an RV with his girlfriend, Jayme. He is still dealing with the death of his best friend months ago and is hoping to relax and enjoy his time alone with his girlfriend. While DeMarco and Jayme are in in Jayme’s hometown it becomes common knowledge that DeMarco is known for solving violent crimes. He is soon wrapped up in the cold case mystery of the bones of 7 young girls who have been discovered years earlier.

Both DeMarco and Jayme want to solve the murders of the young women. The bones have been carefully preserved and they both hope to find clues that will lead them to the killer. This is a cold case but one that they can’t leave behind. For me, this seemed to take years. I had very high hopes for this book but it just felt like it dragged and dragged and dragged. Ryan and Jayme had relationship issues that consumed many of the pages. When they weren’t having sex or running, they were dealing with jealousy over past lovers, being open emotionally, etc.

I should point out that this is the second book in the Ryan DeMarco Mystery series. The first book in the series is “Two Days Gone” which I read and also gave 3 stars. Perhaps I was being impatient, but the investigation took forever. I had high hopes for this book and although it was enjoyable, I found it to be a little slow and I grew impatient. This book is well written but slow. It is still a good read and mystery.

I received a copy of this book from Sourcebooks landmark and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Two Days Gone

Two Days GoneTwo Days Gone by Randall Silvis
Published by Sourcebooks Landmark on January 10th 2017
Pages: 400
ISBN: 1492639737
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Received from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thomas Huston is on the run and is being searched for by the police (one of whom is his friend ) for the Murder of his family. He is a college professor and best selling author. Ryan DeMarco, a police officer and Thomas’ friend is leading the investigation into the Huston family Murder. This is the gist of the book. The book also contains several other characters who tie into the story rather nicely. There are some twists and turns, and several reveals. Most of the characters have a purpose that is revealed during the book.

I’ll be honest, in the beginning I was not a big fan of this book. I kept finding other thins to do and read. Then I got past a certain part of the book, and I found that I had to keep reading. It was not a pager turner for me but yet I wanted to see “who dunnit” and why. Did Thomas Murder his family? If he did not, who did and why? I found the book to be nicely paced, even though the beginning was slow for me. Nice detective work.