Stillhouse Lake

Stillhouse LakeStillhouse Lake (Stillhouse Lake, #1) by Rachel Caine
on January 1st 1970
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How well do you know the people in your life? How well do you know your spouse? What secrets do they keep?

Gina is a wife with two small children. She thinks that her life is normal and that she is happy – until one day a vehicle hits her home and her life will never be the same again. What is found after that accident, is her husband’s secret liar of torture and death in their garage. Yep, that’s right! Her husband is a serial killer. She never asked about the garage. That was his “workshop”, his private space to do as he pleased.

No one really believes that she is innocent in all of this. How could she not have known that the man she was sleeping with, raising children with, had married was a serial killer? Seriously, your garage is attached to your home and you never go in there, you never want to see what he is working on in his man-cave. This seemed far fetched. There are also two children in the home. Wouldn’t they at least once go looking for Dad and find out. Of course this is a book but I just didn’t buy this part of the book. Plus, as we find out her husband was not the most “gentle” of lovers. I also wondered as there was a body there..why didn’t she or her kids smell the decay? If her is walking in and out of the door…bodies begin to decompose after death…how long had the body been there? I know he didn’t keep the bodies there long but that part just didn’t seem real to me.

So needless to say, she is in a heap of trouble but finds her way out of it. She goes from being a shy housewife to a woman who can find nameless hackers who can assist her with fake identities and also housing. Gina becomes Gwen. As she begins her new life, she becomes a strong woman – both physically and mentally. Things seem to be going well for Gwen and her kids until a woman’s body is found in the lake by their cabin. To make matters worse, the woman’s case seems eerily similar to the cases of the women her husband murdered. Things go from bad to worse as another body turns up and her children are kidnapped.

There is a lot going on in this book. Initially this book reminded me of the novella by Stephen King “A Good Marriage” from Full Dark, No stars. I think we have seen the premise in a lot of books and movies and dare I say it, real life. The BTK killer was married and had two kids whom he kept his secret serial killing activities a secret.

This book had a lot of promise but just didn’t do it for me. I enjoyed it, but wasn’t as wowed by it as some of my friends were. It was a quick enjoyable read. But for me, and I am doing fan fiction here, I think I would have enjoyed the book more, had I seem more of their marriage, seen her husband stalking the victims, etc. then the build up to her finding out. But that wasn’t this book.

There is suspense here and it does set up the story for there to be another book in the series. I am just not sure I am going to be on the bandwagon to read it.