The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the AnswerThe Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking, #2) by Patrick Ness
Published by Walker Books Ltd. on May 4th 2009
Pages: 536
ISBN: 1406310263
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This book took me FOREVER to read. Why? I had such a hard time getting into it. I LOVED “The Knife of never letting go” I seriously loved it…and I could not wait to get the chance/find the time to read this one. I STRUGGLED with this book. I read so many reviews that got me so excited to read this book. Reviewers were saying it was better than the first book…I am not sure that I read the same book that they did. I found this to be okay and not great. Was it because Todd and Viola are separated for most of this book? I hate when I want to love a book and I feel let down.

That does not mean this book is awful. It just didn’t WOW me.

This book does begin where “The Knife of never letting go” finishes. Todd carries the shot Viola right into the hands of their worst enemy. Yes, she survives the shot. I don’t feel I’m giving away any BIG Spoilers there. They are immediately separated and Todd is imprisoned. Eventually he is allowed to work for the Mayor and his new order. Viola is healed and meets many new women. Both of these characters narrate the book. It is nice to see things from both of their perspectives.

This book does deal with some serious issues: women’s rights, feminism, genocide, politics, betrayal, etc. Big issues but even they could not give me a WOWZA moment of this book – although there is some redemption in this book. Can a person be entirely bad or can a bad person have some good in them?

For me an okay book. Feeling a little let down. Wishing this was better. Hoping the next book will be.

The Knife of Never Letting Go

The Knife of Never Letting GoThe Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking, #1) by Patrick Ness
Published by Walker on May 5th 2008
Pages: 479
ISBN: 1406310255
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Manchee oh Manchee what a great dog character.

What doesn’t happen in this book, I’m mean really…what is left?

I really liked the premise of this book that is set in another world. In this world there is Noise. Noise that is basically the thoughts of every boy, man and animal. Why are there no women? Why is Todd the last “boy” in his town? Are there other towns?

Hearing what everyone is thinking, including the animals is an interesting concept and helped bring the setting and story of this book to life. Who could not read this and adore Manchee?

One day while Todd and Manchee are out they hear silence. The quiet is scary. There has always been noise for young Todd. What could this be? It is enough for Todd’s caretakers/family Cillian and Ben to give him a book his Mother wrote, and to send him out into a world Todd does not know looking for safety in places he did not know existed.

While Todd is on the run he is hunted by Aaron. During his attempts to get away, Todd comes across something silent – a girl. A girl named Viola.

So much happens to them and to those they come in contact with. This is part of trilogy so there is a cliff hanger at the end.

Even thought Viola does not make noise t that doesn’t stop young Todd from knowing what she was thinking after she read the book Todd’s Mother wrote to him. I liked how he came to realize this. It was a sweet moment in a book that did not have too many sweet moments.