The Masterpiecers

The MasterpiecersThe Masterpiecers by Olivia Wildenstein
on April 15th 2016
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Nineteen year old twins, Ivy and Aster are living two entirely different lives. Ivy is competing in an art based reality television program while Aster is in prison. The sisters are completely different and both take turns, through their POV chapters, telling their story. Both are in environments full of drama, lies, intrigue, deceit, dishonesty and interesting characters. Both have to keep on their toes in order to survive.

Ivy is a quilt maker who applied for and was selected as a contestant on a Art based reality television show called “The Masterpiecers”. If she wins the competition, she will be awarded acceptance into the Masterpiecers, a school which pretty much leads to fame and fortune. She will be competing against other contestants who each is an artist in his/her own right.

Aster is in prison for running over a known mobster. When she is arrested she tells the police that she acted in self defense. She doesn’t tell them the whole story – that she thinks she is protecting her sister, Ivy. While she is incarcerated, she is able to watch her sister, Ivy compete on the reality television show. She is hoping that the cash prize will serve as her bail money and anxiously watches and hopes for her sister to win….that is until she finds out what her sister really thinks about her. While in prison, Aster is visited by her ex-boyfriend who happens to be a police officer with a lot of questions about what really happened that night and the location of a missing blanket. Aster also learns that prison is not a nice or safe place to be and that her sister has been keeping things from her.

There is an underlying mystery in this book. Who was the mobster that Aster ran over, what is the deal with the missing blanket/quilt, what is the mobsters connection to Ivy and why is Aster not being honest about what happened the night she hit the man with her car?

I enjoyed how both sister’s stories were told. Each told her story from her own perspective. As I read, I flip flopped over which sister I liked more and which one I thought was being honest. Both had their own issues and flaws. I found Aster to be more likable throughout the book. She seemed to be naive and really loved her sister. She thought she was protecting Ivy by not being honest about the accident. Ivy by contrast was more complicated and came off as cold at times. I warmed up to her during the course of the book and found that I liked her more towards the end.

The book is well written and the pacing is spot on. Nothing dragged in this book. There was enough action and angst to move the plot along. I would definitely read more in this series.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.