KindredKindred by Octavia E. Butler
Published by Beacon Press on February 1st 2004
Pages: 264
ISBN: 0807083690
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I enjoyed this book. I do think that Dana was really accepting of the time travel(from the 1970’s to the time of slavery) that occurred in this book. I think she would have had a harder time going back in time…having to act like a slave (even a free one). I would think she would have stuck out more or gotten into more trouble. Yes, there was mention that she did not know how to do anything and she spoke differently. I was expecting more angst from her. I did like how Kevin had a hard time being in the “present” day after he spent years in the past. That felt more real to me. One thing that was strange to me was how she got her arm injury when coming back to present day time. That felt off to me.