Mind over Matter

Mind over MatterMind Over Matter by Nora Roberts
Published by Silhouette Special Releases on October 17th 2011
Pages: 169
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I have a love/don’t love so much relationship with Nora Robert’s books. Her books either capture my attention from page one and have me turning the pages as fast as I can or she fails to grab my attention and I just feel MEh…This is one of the times I feel Meh about her books. Mind over Matter has be re-released in 2017 . It was first published in 1987 and and I am not quite sure why it has been re-released. Another reason I was not so impressed with this book – the complete title is Mind over Matter a Passionate and Intriguing Novel of suspense. UMMMM…what suspense? I guess it depends on one’s definition of suspense.

Mind over Matter is a romance book with some paranormal elements thrown in. I know I am doing some fan fiction when I say I would have liked the book more if it were a mystery using a psychic with some romance thrown in. This was not the case with this book.

David Brady is a documentary producer who needs a psychic to be in his documentary on paranormal psychology. He meets and instantly forms a friendship with Clarissa, a woman with psychic abilities who has helped solve crimes in the past. Clarissa makes a comment in passing about a romance David will enter and that he will need tenderness to make the relationship work.

David then meets Clarissa’s agent A.J. (Aurora) Fields who just happens to be Clarissa’s daughter. As with romance novels sparks fly and each is intrigued and drawn to the other. A.j. instantly puts up a barrier due to pain from a previous breakup and a secret she is hiding. Both David and A.J. are strong characters and David believes that A.J. is using her tough exterior to hide something from him. As he goes about trying to figure out what that may be their romance ignites.

As I stated this book was just MEH for me. I think the story and romance could have been fleshed out more and I just did not see how this book was suspenseful at all. Her writing is good which is why I went with three stars and not two. Okay book – not for me.

I received a copy of this book from Harlequin and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Black Hills

Black HillsBlack Hills by Nora Roberts, Nick Podehl
Published by Putnam on July 7th 2009
Pages: 472
ISBN: 0399155813
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I found this to be a really enjoyable book. I found it hard to put down at times. Cool meets Lil when he is 11 after being sent to live with his grandparents while his parents attempt to save their marriage. What he thinks will be the worst summer of his life becomes one that shapes his life. Coop meets Lil, a baseball loving girl with a homemade baseball diamond in her backyard. He continues to visit his grandparents each summer and his bond with Lil grows turning into romance during their teen years. Separated by distance, and their different career dreams, their relationship end. years later they meet again as Coop moves back to care for his grandparents. Lil is running a successful animal sanctuary and has traveled the world working as an animal biologist.

The same attraction is there between them but Lil cannot forget how Coop broke her heart years ago. making matters worse, there is a serial killer taunting Lil. A seriAl killer who believes he is a Sioux Warrior defending sacred land that is rightfully his. We learn his identity fairly early on and learn about his various kills. I didn’t mind knowing who the killer was. As the killer taunts Lil, killing animals, sending her an email, etc. her relationship with Coop intensifies as does the relationship between characters Tansey and Farley. The suspense builds as Lil attempts to save a loved ones life.

As mentioned, I found this book to be hard to put down at times.