Big Woods

Big WoodsBig Woods by May Cobb
Published by Midnight Ink on July 8th 2018
Pages: 301
ISBN: 0738757810
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Its 1989 when ten-year-old, Lucy disappears. She was walking to the bus stop, but she never got on the bus. An investigation follows but as time trickles away, people begin to fear that her body will be found in the Big Woods. Children’s bodies/remains have been found in the Big Woods in the past. Will this be Lucy’s fate? Her whole family is devastated, including her older sister, Leah who at fourteen has begun to receive messages from Lucy – on her father’s computer and in the form of dreams. Leah believes that Lucy is sending her clues. Leah strongly believes that Lucy is still alive, but no one believes her. Frustrated and believing her sister to be alive, she decides to find Lucy herself.

No one believes Sylvia either. Sylvia is an elderly woman who believes she knows what is happening to the missing children. She has gone to the authorities and they do not believe her either. How frustrating! But how, how does she know?????

This book is told through Leah and Sylvia’s POV. Initially, I wondered who Sylvia was and what connection she would have to the missing child. We are given glimpses into Sylvia’s life, her heartbreaking quest for a child. Her life, her marriage, and slowly a connection is made. She has had a lot happen in her life and she may indeed hold the key to the mystery surrounding Lucy’s disappearance.

This book is set in the late 80’s and satanic cults/devil worshipers were believed to be responsible for the missing children and their found remains. There are several things that get started but didn’t seem to go anywhere and left me feeling underwhelmed. One area that shined was how the Author showed the family grieving and the close bond of the two sisters.

Is Lucy dead? Is Lucy alive? What happened to the other children? Are the dreams real? Will anyone believer her (Leah or Sylvia)? Will it be too late? Was there satanic worship? Did a pedophile take her? Did another child hurt her? If she is alive, where is she?

Overall, an enjoyable read with short chapters which move the story along. This book does have the nostalgic 80’s vibe down. I must give props for that. I appreciate how the Author attempted to include several elements from the 80’s. I just wanted a little bit extra. I would have loved to have had one additional POV thrown in, perhaps from an unnamed person.

Overall, a good debut and a fast read. I enjoyed the pacing and found the writing to be solid. I would read more from this author in the future.

Thank you to Midnight Ink and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.