Night Film

Night FilmNight Film by Marisha Pessl
Published by Random House Trade Paperbacks on July 1st 2014
Pages: 606
ISBN: 0812979788
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This book was WORK. Whew! Good book but difficult.

I usually don’t have a hard time thinking of what to say after I read a book but this book was a mind Fuck for me. I found it very hard in the beginning to get into. I would start it, put it down, read something else, come back to this, restart, put it down, etc. Something kept pulling me back to it.

Finally with days left on my library loan, I figured it is now or never.

Ashley Cordova is found dead one night in an abandoned warehouse in Manhattan. She is a gifted pianist and the daughter of cult horror film director, Stanislas Cordova. Her death is ruled a suicide, but Scott McGath, a once gifted investigative journalist believes otherwise. Years earlier, McGath was discredited when he attempted to go after Cordova and expose some dark secrets about him. Cordova sued McGath and subsequently his job (and marriage) was affected. His allegations were not necessarily incorrect but he did not have any “hard” evidence to back up his claims.

McGath is desperate for the truth can fueled by revenge. He wants to get to the bottom of this cursed family and the known but unknown man that is Stanislas Cordova. He believes Ashley’s death is connected to her father and his movies.

Cordova’s movies are rare and hard to come by. One must be in the know to see them. There are exclusive viewing parties. The movies are unsettling and disturbing. They can only be viewed in their original film canisters and bootlegged movies.

More unsettling is Cordova himself. He seems to be directing McGath’s investigation as he did his movies. He is intelligent and manipulative. McGath and his helpers don’t really stand a chance as Cordova stirs things up. How far is McGath willing to go to uncover the truth. There were times I thought what is real and what is not. This book is like a very twisted version of cat and mouse. A version where the reader is in on the investigation.

I am happy that I read the actual “book” version of this book. I’m not sure how the fake newspaper articles, photographs, webpages and magazine articles would look on the kindle. At times I liked these articles and at other times I thought “Is this really necessary” and found them to be tedious. In the end, I thought they worked. As I said, this book was work for me. I found myself reading things more than once to see if I really “got” what was happening. There were times, I thought “fuck it” I’m not finishing this..but then I couldn’t stop thinking about the book and I would come back to it.

This book is not for everyone. I’m still not sure it was even for me. But for some reason I had to keep reading.