God of the Internet

God of the InternetGod of the Internet by Lynn Lipinski
Published by Majestic Content Los Angeles on August 16th 2016
Pages: 286
ISBN: 0996467637
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A hacker known as G0d_of_Internet has hijacked millions of computers in order to disrupt water treatment centers in various cities in the United States such as Boston, Los Angeles, and Dallas. He is doing the bidding of an Islamic jihadist group. Cyber attacks are real. Hackers are real. I think that is why this book is so relevant and why it will resonate with many people.

One of the people leading up the people trying to stop the terrorists attack is Julianna. She is in a troubled marriage to cybersecurity guru Mahaz Al-Dossari. They have two teenagers, one of which has a medical condition that could be made worse by the hackers attempts to shut down vital necessities such as the water supply and electricity. She is highly invested in stopping the hacker and wonders why her own husband does not get more involved.

While attempting to stop the hacker, she is also dealing with her distant husband, her son’s medical condition, and her fears her husband will take their children and leave the country if she files for divorce. She is the most likeable character in the book.

I enjoyed this book but I figured out who the culprit was fairly early on. I wish there would have been a couple more twists and turns.



BloodlinesBloodlines by Lynn Lipinski
Published by Majestic Content Los Angeles on October 13th 2015
Pages: 264
ISBN: 0996467610
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Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The book begins with Zane being fired from his job at the local zoo for an offense that he did not commit. He buys some liquor and breaks his 1.5 year sobriety and returns home. He shares his home with his mother and 14 year old sister. The next day he learns that their trailer has burnt down and his Mother is dead. He blacked out from drinking and has no memory of the night before. He is left to care for his 14 year old sister and quickly learns that he is a suspect in the fire that killed his Mother.

He gets a text informing him that his Mother is not who she claims to be. This is the catalyst for family secrets being revealed. Who was his Mother? Who was his father? The reader and Zane learn that his Cherokee father is alive and well. Why did his Mother lie to him? This is the premise of the book

I really enjoyed this book. It is a fast read and moves at a fast but believable pace. If I was not told that Zane was 26 year old in the beginning of the book, I would have thought he was 18 or 19. He had a young feel to him and the book felt more like a YA book to me.

I would have loved if the Author explored more about his dreams and the coyotes in the book. I think that would have been a nice touch.

This book is a mystery book but also reads like a YA book and also like a coming of age book of sorts. The book captured my attention from the get go. From page one, I was hooked. I wasn’t too surprised by the “reveal” at the end. That didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book.