Truth Be Told

Truth Be ToldTruth Be Told (Rogue Justice #2) by Kendra Elliot
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 92
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I have said it before and I will say it again…I think that Kendra Elliot is an under rated Author who does not get the attention that she deserves. Everything I have read by her, I have really enjoyed. This Novella, although enjoyable, was my least favorite of her work.

This book is #2 in a series and I did not read the first one. Would have that cause me to enjoy this book more? Perhaps. I do believe that I was given enough of the backstory to grasp what is happening in this novella. There is a horrible storm going on that has cut off a small town from surrounding areas. During this time, a child has gone missing and two FBI agents have been found shot to death inside their vehicle.

Police officers Stevie and her husband Zane are trying to find the missing boy. They also know that the person responsible for the missing boy and the two dead agents may be stuck in their rain drenched town. It is only a matter of time before rain stops and the roads are drive-able or the murderer kills again.

I think I would have enjoyed this more if it were a full blown novel and Elliot had more time to flesh out her story. Again, I did not read part 1 so perhaps I am missing something but this novella was just lacking for me. I didn’t really feel invested in the story or the characters. This was sad for me as I am a Kendra Elliot fan. I will still keep reading her books as I enjoy her work. I wish more people read her work, but I don’t feel this is the best book/novella to star with.

I received a copy of this book from Montlake Romance and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



VanishedVanished (Mason Callahan, #1) by Kendra Elliot
Published by Montlake Romance on June 17th 2014
Pages: 336
ISBN: 1477823476
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3.5 stars

This book opens at a crime scene. Mason Callahan’s CI (confidential informant) has been murdered. To make matters worse, his fingerprints are all over her apartment. Has he been in her apartment? Yes, but not in the places where his fingerprints have been found. To make his day even worse, his ex-wife’s 11 year old step daughter has gone missing. She left the home in the morning headed to school but never arrived. Who would take her and why? His son is also back in town due to being on a college break and their relationship is strained. Having his step-sister kidnapped does not help matters. Mason attempts to be supportive of his son even if their interactions are uncomfortable.

Mason is attempting to help his ex-wife, her husband and their children cope with the kidnapping. He is acting as the family liaison since he cannot investigate the missing girl as she is considered family. In comes special agent Ava McLane to investigate the missing person case.

Ava and Mason are drawn to each other as they both attempt to help the family find the missing girl. At the same time, Mason is being investigated for the death of his CI as his prints have been found on the murder weapon. He is not a dirty cop, he is dedicated and does things by the book, obviously someone is out to get him, but who?

This book has several twists and turns to keep the pace going. I’ve said before that I do not think Elliot gets the credit she deserves for writing engaging mysteries. Her books are interesting, there are always twists and turns and her writing is solid.

I found this book to be a solid mystery and appreciated that the romance was light as the focus needed to be on finding the missing girl and the real murderer of the CI in the opening sequence of the book. This is the first book in the Callahan & McLane series. I will definitely be reading the other books in this series


A Merciful Truth

A Merciful TruthA Merciful Truth (Mercy Kilpatrick #2) by Kendra Elliot
Published by Montlake on June 6th 2017
Pages: 322
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FBI Agent Mercy Fitzpatrick has returned to her hometown of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon to a chilly reception from her family. Mercy’s family members are survivalists who believe in living off the land and being prepared for disaster. Not all of her siblings are speaking to her while others have welcomed her back with open arms. On top of being an FBI agent, Mercy is also raising her deceased brother’s teenage daughter.

A series of fires have been set around the rural community and Mercy gets involved when two police officers are murdered while on the scene of a barn fire. Her boyfriend, Truman Daly; who just happens to be the police chief, is working the arson cases as well. While attempting to solve the case of the arson(s) and murders, Mercy and Truman learn that there is something else going on the community. A survivalist group that is anti-government, anti-police and anti-FBI is forming.

Kendra Elliot is a very underrated Author. She writes mystery/thrillers that will appeal to most readers. Her books are not graphic, there is not a lot of harsh language or any content that would turn off most readers. Kendra Elliot delivers time after time. This book is #2 in a series, but worked very well as a stand alone book. I really enjoyed learning Mercy’s backstory and getting a glimpse into why Mercy’s family is not very welcoming to her. This book was very well written. I enjoyed how the plot and subplots were all woven together. As the story unfolded, everything made sense, everything seemed plausible and this book was a good solid read. I found “A Merciful Truth” to be fast paced and enjoyable. Not only will I be reading the next book in this series, I will also be going back and reading the first book in this series. I really hope to see more people reading Kendra Elliott. I have read several of her books and they were all wonderful.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Dead in Her Tracks

Dead in Her TracksDead in Her Tracks (Rogue Winter, #2) by Kendra Elliot
on January 1st 1970
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Received from NetGalley.

The book begins when a young woman’s naked body is found in a motel room on Christmas Day. The local law enforcement, Police Chief Zane Duncan and his girl friend and fellow police officer, Stevie Taylor, are called to the scene. Their chief suspect is already in custody in the town jail after admitting to killing another young woman. Did he kill this young woman as well? I wont give away any more of the story line but I will say, I enjoyed their investigation and the cast of characters in the book. There is a reveal at the end of the book and I liked how it all came together. I thought the Author did a great job of tying everything up at the end.

I really enjoyed this book. I was drawn into the story right away. I liked how the Author gave us information about the couples romantic life while having them remain professional while conducting their investigation into the murder of the young woman. The story was told at a fast pace as this is a Novella. It did not feel rushed in any way, yet I wanted more. I found that I really liked the characters of Zane and Stevie and will definitely be reading the first book in the series to see how “it all began”.

I think this is a great book for those who enjoy some mystery. It also has a light romance yet nothing “intimate” happens. There are no sex scenes. The investigation seems real and was interesting. I did not read the first book in the series but I image it was good as well.



KnownKnown (Bone Secrets, #5) by Kendra Elliot
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 348
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Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Known begins with a man, Chris, enjoying a solitary weekend at his cabin in the mountains while his son is visiting his Grandmother. While Chris is out enjoying the winter day in the mountains, he comes across a teenager and her unconscious Mother in a SUV. Their burned cabin has a dead body inside. Chris instantly recognizes the smell of burnt human flesh from his childhood and we learn that he has a tragic past that he struggles to bury. So begins the tale of people brought together under mysterious circumstances in the dead of winter.

Chris, Gianna (the Mother and medical examiner), and her daughter Violet take refuge in Chris’s cabin while a winter storm makes it difficult to get to safety. A killer is nearby watching and waiting for a chance to strike.Both Chris and Gianna have secret tragedies in their past and recognize that each other has secrets. How did Chris get his scars and why is someone targeting a woman and her teenage daughter.

This book is part mystery and part love story. It was the perfect blend of both genres. As the body count adds up and secrets are revealed, the story unfolds. I really liked the pacing of this book. Nothing felt rushed. The story moved along and there were no dull parts.

I really enjoyed this book. This is one where the reader is given some information but, at least for me, not enough initially to figure things out. The story unfolds at a very nice pace and soon, we learn the identity of the murderer. I enjoyed this mystery and the characters in it. For me Chris was the most sympathetic and likable character.

Great book to curl up and read on a cold winter night or over a weekend. Very nice modern mystery. I would definitely read more in this series and more books by this Author.