The Warning

The WarningThe Warning by Kathryn Croft
on January 1st 1970
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Be warned! This is a seriously good book!

Three years ago, Zoe’s son, Ethan, and his friend, Josh drowned in a river by her home. Their deaths were ruled as being accidental. After Ethan’s death, Zoe, her husband, Jack and their son Harley moved to a new area and a new home. Zoe continues to work as a nurse and Jack buries himself in his work, while Harley prepares for college. Their family is attempting to maintain their status quo until one day, Zoe receives a message informing her that Ethan’s death was not an accident, that there is more to the story, and that she needs to find out the truth. Zoe is naturally rattled and decides to meet with Josh’s Mother, Roberta, to determine if she has received a message as well. It becomes apparent that something is not right in Roberta’s home and even Zoe’s husband, Jack seems less than enthusiastic to learn who sent the note and the person’s reason for doing so. Then Zoe begins receiving more messages about her son’s death. Why is she being targeted? Is this some sick joke? Does someone out there know something about the night her son died? Could Ethan and Josh’s deaths have been prevented? Were they murdered? Is this someone trying to hurt Zoe? Just what is going on?

I really felt for Zoe in this book. It seemed like no one in her life was too invested in helping her learn why she was receiving the notes, who could be behind the notes, and even if there was any truth to what the notes were saying. Plus, her husband used work as an excuse for not being home. If he keeps busy he doesn’t need to think about his son’s death or help his other son and wife cope with their grief. Zoe wants the truth and refuses to give up. Through her search for the truth she begins to wonder, how much (or how little) she knew her son, who he had in his life, and what secrets he may have had. But, as it turns out, he is not the only one who had secrets in this book.

It was so easy to get wrapped up in this book. There is always something happening, and the reveals happen at regular intervals to keep things interesting and to keep the reader guessing. This book is told through various characters POV including Zoe, Roberta and an unknown narrator. This book is fast paced and sucked me in right away. This book became a page turner to me as I was so intrigued with what was going on. This book has secrets, lies, deception, mystery, tension, suspense – basically all the things I love in a book. I’m not sure that too many people will see that ending coming, I know I did not.

This book earned high marks from me for being an entertaining fast paced page turner which kept me guessing the entire time and managed to surprise me in the end!

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Silent Lies

Silent LiesSilent Lies by Kathryn Croft
on January 1st 1970
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This book took me by surprise, in a really good way.

The premise is really interesting. A woman is rebuilding her life after her husband dies causing a scandal. Mia Hamilton and her husband were happily married with a young daughter. Mia thought she had it all and then her husband was found dead in the apartment of one of his students, a young woman with a troubled past named Josie. The student’s blood is everywhere but Josie is no where to be found. Investigators believe that her husband had something to do with the missing student, and as a result committed suicide in her flat.

Five years have passed and Josie is still missing. Mia has suffered through the public’s outrage and negative opinion of her husband. She has had to cope with the suspicions as to why her husband was even in a students flat while raising her daughter alone. Finally she has found happiness with her boyfriend Will. Then one day a young woman enters Mia’s world and tells her, ‘Your husband didn’t kill himself.’ Needless to say this sends Mia on a tailspin. The woman’s name is Alison and she begins to tell Mia that she once lived with Josie, that she saw Mia’s husband the day he died and that she wants to set the record straight.

Needless to say this book had all the elements to grab my attention. The book is full of secrets, a character with a troubled past, a troubled character, relationship issues, hidden agendas, etc. It had enough juice to keep me reading. I read this entire book pretty much in one sitting. It was a page turner for me. The story is told through both Josie (in the past) and Mia (in the present) points of view. This is brilliant but I also wanted to hear that thoughts of Alison. As the book progresses it becomes clear that there is more to most of the characters than meets the eye. One of the characters presents as being unreliable; but is this person unreliable or is there something more going on. Plus, there are quite a few revelations and twists in this book to keep things interesting. This also helps to keep the reader guessing as characters do not always seem trustworthy and the mystery is not only what really happened the night Zach died and Josie went missing, but who can you trust in this book? I LOVE this. I say it a lot, but I love putting on my super sleuth hat and trying to figure out who did what, who is to blame, etc.

My one BIG complaint: in the kindle description of the book the reader is told there is a “shocking twist” Why, oh Why say this????? I find the beauty in shocking twists is that I do not see them coming. I want to surprised by the twist. The description of this book is inciting enough, you don’t need to tease the shock factor. Having said that, I was surprised by the twist. I thought I had a few things figured out, I was wrong.

This was a fun book for me to read. Fun, may not be the right word, but I like when I am not 100% in the know of what is going on in a book. I like being surprised and shocked. I love a good twist and turn here and there as I am reading. I also liked that not everything was quite tided up by the end of the book. This may annoy some readers but I kinda liked it.

I thought the Author did a great job of weaving the past and the present. This really helped set the mood and add to the mystery. As little spinets of information are presented, the suspense builds. The writing was solid and the pacing was great. Nothing dragged in this book. This is a book that can easily be read in one sitting – time permitting,as the story is compelling.

This was my first time reading this Author and it certainly will not be my last.

I received a copy of this book from Bookouture and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for making this book available.