The Psychology of Time Travel

The Psychology of Time TravelThe Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas
Published by Crooked Lane Books on February 12th 2019
Pages: 336
ISBN: 1683319443
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When four female scientists create the world’s first-time machine in 1967, they had no idea how they would alter the world (or themselves). These women were known as pioneers, each with her own specialty to assist each other in the development of the time machine. Fifty years later, time travel has taken off. Ruby Rebello’s grandmother, Granny Bee, was one of the original pioneers. Ruby has always been curious about her grandmother’s past and her contribution to time travel, so when her grandmother receives a newspaper article from the future mentioning the murder of an unknown woman, she becomes concerned. Who is the identified woman? Could this woman be her grandmother? Could the woman be someone her grandmother worked with in the past? Can the murder be prevented?

This book has a highly original take on time travel. The title says it all: The Psychology of time travel. How does traveling through time change a person? Can time travel change your physiology? Would traveling to the future effect how you live in the present? Would time travel affect your relationships. your outlook on life, your views on death, your thoughts on your own mortality? So many questions popped into my mind while reading this book. Mainly would I want to know my future? Would I want to know how and when I die?

There are a lot of story-lines and the characters travel through time, their lives intertwining with each other at various stages of their lives. With that many characters living in and traveling through various time periods, I do not know how the Author kept track of things. It is impressive. I was initially a little confused, but my advice is stick with it, because it does all make sense. I believe regular readers of science fiction and/or time travel books will not experience the initial confusion that I experienced. Plus, once I got the rhythm and the characters down, the time traveling was no longer an issue. The second half of the book was a faster read for me, mainly as I had a few things down/figured out and I was invested in learning the identity of the dead woman.

This book tackles very reverent issues while exploring time travel. This book is a marriage of science fiction, mystery and romance. This book also has a diverse cast of characters who are dealing with thought provoking issues such as bullying, sexuality, love, loss, death, mental health issues, aging, and the choices we make. The plot is multi-layered and extremely well thought out.

Highly original and creative.

Thank you to Sarah at Crooked Lane Books and the Traveling Sisters who gave me the opportunity to read this book. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own