All That Remains

All That RemainsAll That Remains by Al Barrera, Jenn Loring
on January 1st 1970
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“Hell and the world had become one and the same.”

Something has happened in the world and people are left to survive. Kyle, Sara and Tim have formed a group trying to stay together to survive together. One night they hear shots and go to investigate and find a young girl, Kaylee. This young girl’s Mother was a scientist who was working on a way of saving the world. Kaylee informs the group that there is a safe place. A place where scientists live and a place where they might possibly be safe.

At first this book felt like a YA version of Bird Box meets The Walking Dead. There is this HUGE creature that can invade people’s minds and learn their thoughts and take control of them. There are also “crawlers” who attack and devour people. Quickly it becomes evident that this is not a YA dystopian novel but a novel of survival in a horrific world.

As the story unfolds we learn about each characters backstory and how they formed their tight little group. Kyle is the leader of the group. In a previous life he was a college professor. Now he is struggling to keep everyone alive even though he is terribly ill and struggling himself. Sara has special abilities and has know loss in the past. She uses her skill to save them time after time. Tim is a teenager who appears to be green but it becomes evident that when the time comes, he can and will step up. Kaylee is a young girl who does not know of the world before. She only knows a world full of monsters.

The book never really tells us what, how or why, the world became the way it did. Perhaps I would have liked the book just a touch more had I been given that information. I did like the book. I think fans of this genre enjoy reading this book. It’s not too gory, nothing too graphic. I don’t think it will bother the squeamish. This book really is about good vs. evil and the fight to save the world. It had nice pacing after I got past the first chapter. For some reason, I struggled with the first chapter and kept finding other things to read but once I got past the first chapter the book turned into a fast read.