White Bodies

White BodiesWhite Bodies by Jane Robins
Published by Touchstone on September 19th 2017
Pages: 256
ISBN: 1501165089
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3.5 stars. It was a 4 star right up until the last few pages when I wanted to scream “Are you F’ing kidding Me?”

So, I really enjoyed the book and I am still trying to figure out what I think of the ending…..

Callie and Tilda are twins. Since they were children, Callie appears to be obsessed with her sister (eating her things!?!) and Tilda seemed to be the twin in controlled. Tilda does not come off as the nicest person and was often mean to her sister growing up. But was she mean or was she creeped out by her sister’s obsession? Tilda has the stronger personality and always had a group of people following her around. Callie was one of those people who followed her sister and went through her things. Callie thrived on any little bit of attention Tilda gave to her. So when Tilda moved in with Felix, Callie was naturally interested and happy to be included in their life. But then Callie noticed little changes in her sister – changes that alarmed her. Tilda seemed to be losing weight, she had bruises, and became defensive when Callie brought up Tilda’s home life. Felix appears to be a neat freak and has a very tidy sterile living environment. His obsession with cleanliness and food preparation set off all of Callies red flags. Is there something wrong? Should she be worried? Callie wants to help and defend her sister. But how?

Concerned about her sister’s well being, Callie joins an online chat group where women discuss the controlling and abusive men in their lives. As Callie begins to make friends online, things seem to be getting worse in her sister’s life. Then one of Callie’s online friends is murdered and Felix is found dead (no spoiler – we are told this in the book description). Just what the heck is going on?

For me this was a really captivating read up until a certain point. I loved that we see Callie as being concerned about her sister but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about when she was younger and she would eat her sister’s belongings. Is her concern real? Is she obsessed with her sister? Is she a reliable character? Are other things going on in this book? Is Tilda the victim of domestic violence? I really liked the not knowing. For me the question as to what was happening in this book came down to who is the reliable character. Seriously, I often wondered who can be trusted in this book. Who is the crazy one, who is the real victim and what will happen next.

I enjoyed the cat and mouse type game Callie and Scarlet, a woman she met through the online group, played with each other. Callie appeared to be obsessive, paranoid and anxiety ridden through most of the book. In the back of my mind I kept thinking, yes, she is unreliable but that doesn’t mean that she is wrong, does it? This is where the book really worked for me. I liked not knowing who to trust, who to believe and not knowing what to make of everything…then when the big reveal happened, I thought “Seriously?” It wasn’t a big shock really but at the same time I felt let down. The sisters and Felix watched a movie in this book, I was hoping that there would be a big show down like there was in the movie. Now that would have kept the book a solid 4 stars for me.

Nevertheless, this book was an extremely fast read. I kept turning the pages as I wanted to know the real truth about what was happening in this book. I felt a little let down by the ending as I stated but overall it was still a very enjoyable dark and mysterious read.

I received a copy of this book from Touchstone and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.