The Invisible Hand: Shakespeare’s Moon, ACT I

The Invisible Hand: Shakespeare’s Moon, ACT IThe Invisible Hand: Shakespeare's Moon, ACT I by James Hartley
Published by Lodestone Books on February 22nd 2017
Pages: 168
ISBN: 1785354981
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Sam, new to the boarding school, finds himself with the ability to travel (or are his travels dreams?)back in time to medieval Scotland. There he meets a girl named Leana who can travel into the future (Sam’s present day) . Back at the boarding school, he meets Leana again and knows that his “dreams” might be more than just “dreams”. Through their adventures, they find themselves entangled in Macbeth(the Shakespeare play) and with the boarding school. The story goes back and forth between Sam’s present day at the school to being in Medieval Scotland and the setting o Macbeth.

I first became acquainted with Sam when I read the novella Heart of Winter. This book is part of a series of books or readers ranging from 11-14 years old and each will focus on a different Shakespeare play. This is a good way to introduce young readers to Shakespeare. I am not sure how much Shakespeare is taught to kids at school. I know that I did not really learn about Shakespeare and his body of work until High School where several of his plays were required reading – Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth being the ones I recall the most.

Initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about this book. It took me a little bit of time to get into it. My advice is to give this book time as the story does build. The reader begins to figure out what is going on as Sam does. The Author has a clever way of putting a story within a story. As Sam begins to study Macbeth at his school, the play comes to life.

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Heart of Winter (Shakespeare´s Moon Book 1)

Heart of Winter (Shakespeare´s Moon Book 1)Heart of Winter (Shakespeare´s Moon Book 1) by James Hartley, Lpixel, Jane Appleton
on January 1st 1970
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Enid Waters is brought to St Francis´ School in the middle of a bad winter storm by en elderly couple who have taken her in after finding her alone after a bombing in London during WWII.  Due to the severity of the storm, the headmaster insist the couple spend the night.  Enid instantly enjoys the school and while she should be sleeping she gets up to explore her new surroundings.

Thus begins this Gothic feeling tale. She comes across an old woman who asks her is she is “the one”. Not quite sure what to do, she runs away and prepares to go to bed, leaving a mess behind in the library. Enid soon discovers she has paper stuck to her foot and that she has the ability to write things down on the paper  that those things come true.

This is a short story that has an eerie Gothic feels to it. There is a lot of atmosphere and the school has a chilly creepy feel to it which I really enjoyed. The School felt like it could be a haunted house. I especially enjoyed Enid and the Headmaster, Mr. Dedalus. I was left wanting to know more..such as what did the elderly couple find odd about Enid? What will be her future? What other secrets does this school hold?


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