White Fang

White FangWhite Fang by Jack London
Published by Scholastic Paperbacks on January 1st 2001
Pages: 252
ISBN: 0439236193
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I think I am one of the few who did not have this book as required reading in school.

White Fang chronicles the harsh realities of life. When this book begins, two men and trying to bring back the body of a third using their dog sled team. There has been a lack of food and night by night one of their dogs go missing. Finally, they see the culprit – a she wolf who is luring their dogs away. Food is scarce, and she is part of a wolf pack trying to survive. Soon the men are being hunted by the wolves and it becomes a battle to survive. Besides She-Wolf (half dog half wolf), an older wolf called one eye is with the pack. Eventually they mate, and White Fang becomes their surviving pup.

Initially life is good for White Fang. He is inquisitive and lets his instincts help him learn to explore and hunt. But one day he and his Mother come across men “Gods” and their lives change. Soon Mother and Pup are separated, and White Fang gets his introductions into the harsh realities of life. He learns the pains of separation, the pains of beatings and the pains of not fitting in with the other dogs and wolves. White Fang is sold and has an even more sadistic owner who turns him into a fighter. Eventually White Fang is saved and begins a new life where he eventually knows kindness and trust. He becomes part of a family again.

So now that I have told you the plot of the entire book, I will tell you that I really enjoyed this story. I liked how the story is mainly told through White Fang’s POV. It gives the reader a great look at White Fang’s impulses, instincts, personality, fears and thoughts. Well written and with a sweet ending. London captured the environment and elements brilliantly. I love when I read a book and feel as if I am right there during the action. I’m glad that I selected to read this as part of a group reading challenge.