You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness

You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of MindfulnessYou Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness by Frances Trussell
Published by O Books on November 30th 2018
Pages: 104
ISBN: 1785358162
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“Thoughts are in your head, Feelings are in your body.”

At only 104 pages, this book is a fast read about being mindful, meditating, and being present in one’s life. What I liked is that the language is straight forward and in layman’s terms. I don’t think there is any new information presented, but this book does present the information in a very succinct way. Everything makes sense and each section of the book flows nicely into the next.

“Mindfulness is… the art of paying attention.”

Many people talk about meditation, being mindful and for some that may be confusing. How does one meditate? What are the steps to letting go of repetitive thoughts, racing thoughts or to simple calm our minds? Being mindful and meditation is all the rage these days, but it has been around for a long, long time. I remember when I first starting hearing about meditation as a teenager, I asked someone I knew who meditated to describe meditation to me. His response was basically, that mediating was just that – meditation. Which led me to ask but how do you meditate? His response was you know, by meditating. UGH! You will not get his type of response in this book. Instead the author talks about counting the in and out breaths as a way of keeping you in the moment and not letting other thoughts in. It helps discipline the mind to focusing on the present and just breathing rather than all the thoughts that pop into one’s mind. This is one of the examples she gives in the book of being mindful and how to quiet your mind.

“Meditation help you focus on the now so that this can then be carried through to the rest of your life. It sets you intention to be mindful and reminds us how refreshing this can be. Plus, it has many health benefits.”

The Author does not get into the health benefits in this short book but focuses on thoughts and how we get used to thinking about certain things repeatedly. She encourages readers to deal with or face the events in our lives and not to spend too much time thinking about them.

This book has some great tips and exercises for those new to meditation and being mindful. For those who are more knowledgeable on the subject, this will reinforce what is already known. I like that the Author is to the point and does not rely on flowery language or repetition.

Thank you to John Hunt publishing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.