THE MARKERThe Marker by Diana Savastano
Published by Drs Publishing LLC on September 9th 2017
Pages: 331
ISBN: 0985208953
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3.5 stars

Dr. Bradley Taylor was a confederate soldier/doctor who was killed while attempting to save soldiers during the Civil War and robbed after death. He was mistakenly buried as a Union Soldier in a federal cemetery as a maker was found in his hand which appeared to be a U.S. Belt Buckle worn by Union Soldiers. A Memorial Star Marker was mounted as a pole at his grave in a federal cemetery. Dr. Taylor’s wife and young son never learned what happened to him and were left to speculate as he never returned home after the war. Dr. Taylor never finds “rest” as his whereabouts are not known by his family and he is buried in the wrong cemetery. His marker somehow goes missing from his grave in 1952 and remains hidden for 64 years, once it is “found” it acts as a conduit between Dr. Taylor and journalist, Jennifer Beasley, the woman who know owns it.

Jennifer Beasley is working in the south and while looking for a gift for her father who is a civil war enthusiastic, she purchases a grave marker. She is known sure if this gift is appropriate but then she begins to hear a voice and see a white horse. The voice she hears is of Dr. Bradley Taylor calling out to her from his grave. Intrigued, baffled and a little freaked out, she begins to investigate what happened to this man who was buried in the unmarked grave. Along the way, she finds others who can assist her as she combs through historical documents, family bibles, old letters and photographs.

Will Jennifer be able to “right” the “wrongs” of the past? Will Dr. Bradley Taylor ever find peach and be able to “rest”? In the process of finding out what happened to Dr. Taylor and to bring him home, she herself, gets into a little hot water and danger. This book begins in the past and continues in the present. It has mystery, some romance and danger. I enjoyed this murder-mystery. Although the reader must suspend disbelief and believe that a ghost could send messages, this book is well thought out and nicely paced. I found the book to be entertaining and thought provoking. A perfect book to read while on vacation or on a plane ride.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.