Anastasia’s Book of Days

Anastasia’s Book of DaysAnastasia's Book of Days by Cindy Maynard
Published by Lulu Publishing Services on July 19th 2017
ISBN: 1483472922
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Anastasia is the oldest child of a family living in the Black Forest. She is a young girl who loves school and keeps busy by helping take care of her younger siblings. Anastasia is forced to grow up fast as children had to do in the past. There is not a lot of time to play when you have to help take care of a home and help raise your younger siblings. Her Mother appears to have depression as a result of losing infant(s) after childbirth. As a child Anastasia did not understand her Mother being withdrawn and at times distant. It was only when she was older and a parent herself, did she understand what it is to live with loss.

When Anastasia is nine years old her parents give her a new dress and a leather bound book of days. A book in which she can write her thought, feelings and emotions. As she begins to write, the reader learns about her life and the lives of her children living in what we now know as Germany. In that book, Anastasia tells of her relationships, her hardships, her hopes for her children and of her close relationship with her sister.

Anastasia never marries but knows of love. Her first love went off to war and never returned. She had relationships with two other men and became the Mother of three children with two of the children surviving. Anastasia served as her father’s apprentice for many years and learned a trade which helped her to care for herself and her family. She worked hard and struggled to survive in a time when being an unwed Mother was not acceptable.

Although she is an unwed Mother, living in a time where it is difficult for a woman to be on her own, she manages to survive and raise her family. Anastasia finds a way to have a full life even when times are hard. She loves her children, her Grandchildren and maintains a close relationship with her sister.

Anastasia Burkart is the Author’s great-grandmother and lived from 1796 to 1873. This book is a labor of love where the Author has pieced together facts, family history, and world history in order to tell the tale of her relative.

I found the book to be a fast read. I found the book to be very well written and captivating. Fans of Historical Fiction will enjoy this glimpse into the past and into the life of a woman who live a somewhat modern life in not so modern times.