That Night

That NightThat Night by Chevy Stevens
Published by St. Martin's Press on June 17th 2014
Pages: 372
ISBN: 1250034604
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That night…….that night which changed everything for Toni Murphy.

The book opens as Toni Murphy is a thirty-four-year-old woman being released from prison. She and her high school boyfriend, Ryan have been wrongly convicted for the murder of Toni’s younger sister, Nicole. Now that Toni is out on parole, she is an entirely different person. Prison has toughened her, made her stronger, made her harder, and changed the relationships with those in her life forever. No one believed her or her boyfriend Ryan when the couple steadfastly claimed their innocence. Robbed of years of her life, Toni wants to start over and doesn’t want to do anything to violate her parole.

This book is told through alternating timelines. The reader is shown Toni’s life as a teenager. She is young, in love and has plans for her future. She, like most teenagers, rebels against her parents and is defiant, and breaks the rules. She was also being bullied by a group of girls who give all new meaning to the term “mean girls.”

As an adult, Toni struggles to move on with her life as the past looms heavily over her. Ryan, her high school sweetheart, believes he can find out who really killed Nicole as Toni struggles with her parent’s reaction to her being released from prison. How very sad to be doubted and not believed.

I discovered Chevy Stevens years ago, through an overdrive read along and became a fan. I find her books to be very readable and engaging. She has some twists and turns but nothing comes out of left field and nothing feels unbelievable.

That Night is a fast read with interesting characters. This is the perfect beach and/or plane book. A great way to escape the world for a while. Can easily be read in one sitting. This book kept my interest and was entertaining. I think most will guess the who but not the why when it comes to the killer in this book. As the saying goes – it’s the journey and the destination. Getting to the truth and unraveling secrets is the meat and potatoes of this book.


Still Missing

Still MissingStill Missing by Chevy Stevens
on January 1st 1970
ISBN: 0312595670
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There is a quote I want to use so badly to describe this book – but I CAN’T as it will give away the shocker of an ending. Needless to say I did NOT see THAT ENDING coming!!!!

One day real estate agent, Annie O’Sullivan is at her open house. It is at the end of the day when a man shows up. He seems harmless. His clothes are pressed and nice so he must be a nigh guy, RIGHT????? WRONG! Annie is abducted by a man who seems to know a lot about her. A man who wants Annie to live by his rules. Everything must be done on his time frame. His behavior is erratic. He loves to see her afraid as he terrorizes her but also enjoys when she reads to him. She spends a year as his captive. She endures being raped, beaten and worse.

Annie’s story is told mainly through her sessions with her psychiatrist. Sessions where she early on tries to set some rules of her own. She will tell her story in her own way – no questions no interruptions. As she tells her tale of captivity, the reader is shown the horrific year she spent with this psychopath she refers to as “the Freak”. Annie has PTSD and is dealing with being back in the community, being the subject of media attention, re-forming relationships with her family and friends. She has issues with moving on and daily living but as her session progress the reader does see her sound more confident and sure of herself.

Who was the man that kidnapped her? Why was she the target? How does he know so much about her? There is a twist that I did not see coming in this book! I thought this was your classic stalking and kidnapping story. I was a little off center on that one! Do not read ahead! Do not spoil it for yourself.


Never Let You Go

Never Let You GoNever Let You Go by Chevy Stevens
Published by St. Martin's Press on March 14th 2017
Pages: 384
ISBN: 1250034566
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Eleven years ago, Lindsey Nash got the Hell out of dodge, when she escaped from her abusive husband. She was able to take her young daughter and leave. Her husband, Andrew, who has been abusing Lindsey for years, attempts to follow her as she escapes with their daughter. In his attempts to catch her, he hits another car, killing the other driver. While her husband is incarcerated, Lindsey is able to start a new life and even a career. She believes everything in her life is good, until the day her ex-husband is released from prison.

When Andrew’s release from prison, Lindsey begins to feel like she is being watched, things are moved, her current boyfriend is hit by a truck, someone has been in her home, her dog is poisoned, and there is a sens of unease in the air. To top off the stress her teenage daughter is in a “relationship” herself which Lindsey does not feel quite right about as the teen reminds her of her ex-husband. Sprinkle on the fact, that her daughter has been seeing her father behind her Mother’s back. When Lindsey finds this out, her stress and worries double.

Andrew, for his part, claims he is a changed man. He wants to re-build a relationship with his daughter. He wants to make nice with his ex-wife. He claims that he has not done anything wrong. He is trying to be a better man. But has he changed? Is he Innocent? Could there be someone else who wants to stir the hornet’s nest?

This book was a real page turner for me. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to reading it. I don’t want to say anything else about the plot but that there were several twists and turns which kept me guessing and kept the book interesting. While reading the book, I thought “He is the one behind it” only learn I was wrong. Which is a good thing. I love when a writer can surprise me. I LOVE when I am just as SHOCKED as the characters in the book when the REVEAL occurs.

I think this is a book most people would enjoy. Yes, there are a couple of scenes of domestic violence but nothing else is graphic or too over the top in this book. I loved the suspense in this book and how the Author built the suspense until the REVEAL at the end. It was nice to be left wanting more. I love when I get to put my detective hat on while reading!

This was my first Chevy Stevens book but it will not be my last. I am now off to BINGE read some of her other books.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.