All the Little Liars

All the Little LiarsAll the Little Liars (Aurora Teagarden, #9) by Charlaine Harris
Published by Minotaur Books on October 4th 2016
Pages: 229
ISBN: 1250090032
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“I had never been able to fathom what people did with their moments, if they didn’t read.”

Aurora Teagarden has just returned home from her honeymoon with Robin and is informing friends and family that she is expecting their first child. Just as she and Robin are happily making plans, her 15 year old brother does not return home. Initially Aurora is not worried until she receives a frantic phone call from a mother looking for her son who is one of Phillip’s friends. Aurora soon learns that Phillip is one of four teens who have gone missing including her best friend Aubrey’s 11 year old daughter. To make matters worse, and more scary, a teenage has been found dead.

The local police begin their investigation as does Aurora and her true crime writer/husband, Robin. They don’t have much to go on and everyone has unanswered questions. Why was ransom only asked for one of the missing teens? Could the recent bullying of the 11 year old girl have something to do with their disappearance? Will they be found alive? Could Phillip be responsible?

Aurora, of course, gets on the case and does not let morning sickness get in her way of finding her brother. Besides working at the library, she is an amateur super-sleuth who seems to be able to get to the bottom of things. Soon Aurora is questioning just about everyone she comes in contact with in hopes of finding out information concerning her missing brother and his friends. Here is where I have to suspend some disbelief and I do not buy that everyone involved would be willing to answer her questions or allow her to question their children. I know it is a small town and there is the everyone knows everyone vibe going on, but it didn’t make sense why people would be so willing to be interrogated by her. To make things worse, she has some family drama as her father has come to town naturally worried about his missing son. Could his son’s disappearance be related to his gambling debts?

I was sad when Harris stopped this series so many years ago. I really enjoyed the previous books and found Aurora to be sassy, funny, interesting and clever. I was really happy to see that Harris had written another book in this series. I have to say, this was my least favorite one. I do not believe this is due to the amount of time between the previous book and this one. I did not find Aurora to have as much humor or zest. I get that she has morning sickness but still….

I found this book had a lot of filler that I did not need but overall, I was happy to see Aurora and Robin again after approx. 12-13 years in between books. In the books only 3 weeks have passed. Harris does pick up where the last book ended which was nice. I found the mystery in this book to be okay and not great. At the end I thought that’s it? It was nice to see Aurora again but this felt a little flat to me. Harris does address many issues in this book: bullying, sexuality, pregnancy, marriage, etc.

So I was slightly disappointed with this book. I have been reading some great mysteries/thrillers and this one just does not stand up to those. This is a lighter/cozy mystery that isn’t graphic or explicit. Almost everyone can read this book and not be put off. It is a light book as in this is not a gritty book or one the reader needs to think too much about. Other reviewers have mentioned errors in the book, so I wont go there. Still liked this one – didn’t love it.