Sweet Dreams

Sweet DreamsSweet Dreams (Bakery Romance #3) by Cecelia Dowdy
on January 1st 1970
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Sweet dreams is a sweet book! This book is the third in the Bakery Romance series but worked very well as a stand alone novel for me.

Sterling Richards is a baker who is grieving the loss of his father when the book begins. He has a tenuous relationship with his younger twin brothers. Sterling has been made the beneficiary of his father’s life insurance policy and his other brothers are not happy about this. Why the favoritism? Why has their father always favored Sterling? Sterling is pondering these issues while trying to manage his bakery, volunteer at his church’s soup kitchen and help out his next door neighbor.

Misty Stewart and turned her life around after the birth of her daughter, Jennifer. She has moved away from the negative influences in her life. She has re-located and is helping out her Cousin when she meets Sterling. Misty quickly joins the same church and is working hard to create a better life for herself and her daughter. She has a job and is attempting to get her daughter into the best pre-school available.

Sterling and Misty start out as friends and have a couple of bumps along the way. Misty is street smart and tough. Sterling is introspective and sometimes makes inaccurate assumptions especially when they first meet concerning where Misty’s daughter is living. Both Sterling and Misty are drawn to each other but Misty’s ex-boyfriend (and Jennifer’s father), Nate, keeps coming around to add a little angst into their relationship. Both are likable characters. Both characters have flaws : Sterling can be judgmental and Misty is stubborn. Both learn to work on their flaws as they let the other person into their lives.

Faith and involvement in his/her Church is important to both characters. This is a Christian based romance but I feel any fan of romance books will enjoy this book regardless of their own personal religious beliefs. It is very well written and proved to be a fast read for me. Characters in this book are dealing with real issues: death, starting over, being a single Mother, stress, family secrets, faith, love and even the subjects of foster care and homelessness are touched upon.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.