Mister Tender’s Girl

Mister Tender’s GirlMister Tender's Girl by Carter Wilson
Published by Sourcebooks Landmark on February 13th 2018
Pages: 400
ISBN: 149265650X
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“There’s nothing in this world more trapping than one’s own mind.”

Now this is how you do a psychological thriller. I could almost feel the Alice’s fear, her anxiety, her dread, her anger, her desire to finally be done with people’s obsession with Mister Tender and the attack which almost killed her.

When Alice was fourteen years old she was viciously attacked by twin sisters who believed they were doing the work of Mister Tender. But there is a catch – there is always a catch! – Mister Tender does not exist. He is a character created by her father. He is a pop culture figure who her father wrote about in his graphic novels.

After her attack, Alice moved with her mother and brother to the United States and changed her name. She attempted to hide her scars and move on with her life. She owns a coffee shop and mainly keeps to herself. She suffers from panic attacks and is paranoid about strangers and their intentions.

“Alice, what did the penguin always tell you?”

Then one day, she learns that someone has been watching her. Someone may have even been in her home, her coffee shop and have been watching as she goes about her life. She receives a piece of mail with drawings that appear to have been done by her father, but that cannot be as her father has been murdered. Alice stumbles upon a website which focuses on her life and the attack on her so many years ago. Making things worse, the twins who attacked her get out of prison and Alice is dealing with family issues involving her brother and their Mother.

Whew! Lot’s going on which makes for a very interesting and chilling novel. I had a hard time putting this on down in the beginning. I had a theory as to who Mr. Interested was, but I was wrong. I like when an Author can fool me! Based on a true story, this book is dark, eerie, evoked feelings of dread and apprehension. The gist is “trust no one”

So why not 5 stars????? I have to say it was going full blast for me until the end. UGH! I can’t say why without giving anything away except to say, I felt a little let down. We finally meet Mr. Interested and this is where the book lost a little of its zing for me and I’m not entirely sure why.
Having said that, this is still a thoroughly enjoyable book. After the first page, I was a fan. The story is riveting, chilling and had enough twist, turns and revelations to keep the pages turning. As I mentioned before, the true beauty in this book is how the reader can feel Alice’s emotions. Very nicely done.

Thank you to SOURCEBOOKS landmark and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.