The Fifth Petal

The Fifth PetalThe Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry
Published by Crown on January 24th 2017
Pages: 448
ISBN: 1101905603
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I am no more a witch than you are a wizard, and if you take away my life, God will give you blood to drink.
-Sarah Good, 1692

Twenty five years ago 3 women were murdered. Their homicides were dubbed “The Goddess” murders. The women were descendants of witches killed in Salem during the Salem witch hunts.Surviving that night was the 5 year old daughter of one of the victims named Callie and a woman named Grace. Their murders remained unsolved.

John Rafferty, Salem’s chief of Police begins investigating this cold case after a young boy dies while bullying Grace (one of the survivors and an initial suspect in the Goddess Murders). Grace is now a homeless mentally ill woman who talks to the Oak trees in Salem hoping she can find the original hanging tree of the Salem witches in 1692. She is known around town for her strange behavior and predicting the death of townspeople. She has always stated that banshee murdered the woman and that she, Grace, has imprisoned her inside of herself in order to save the town.

Now an adult, Callie has returned to town and is surprised to learn that Grace is still alive as she tries to put together her past, she has visions at night and little glimpses into her past and that Halloween night that her Mother was murdered. She is also feeling a growing attraction to a man who has the same eyes as a man she saw years ago.

This book sounded so intriguing. I love Salem! I have visited there numerous times when I lived in Massachusetts. All of my visitors wanted to go to Salem and do all of the touristy things to do there.
There are parts of this book that are very good. This book needed better editing in my opinion. I have to agree with the other reviewers who said that this book had a lot of “filler”. I will be the first to admit, that I did not read “The Lace Reader” but I do not feel that is necessary in order to read and appreciate this book, but I do feel that some of the filler in this book, is tying up things from “The Lace Reader”. There were parts that dragged. I think this book would be a 4 star book for me if about 60 pages had been edited out.

I actually found myself thinking about this book around 3 a.m. when I could not sleep. This book has a lot to offer: witches, history of witches in Salem, murder, mystery, magic, romance, family secrets, etc. I thought of all the ways this book could have been better and it did keep coming back to the filler. I also thought of some things I would have liked to have seen answered as to who was the old witch that was visited by the killer? Did I miss something there

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