The Storm King

The Storm KingThe Storm King by Brendan Duffy
Published by Ballantine Books on February 6th 2018
Pages: 400
ISBN: 0804178143
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“Because everyone is guilty of something. Everyone deserves to be punished.”

Just a thought…the past is never really in the past. Actions have consequences.

Can I just say “READ IT!” and leave my review at that? No? Then read my review below:

Seriously here is the gist: The book opens after Nate has won his baseball game and he is traveling home with his family when there is a terrible accident and he is the only survivor. He is the sad boy who survived. He is raised by his Gram and has been given the nickname, “The Storm King” by his group of friends. He and his friends engage in pranks that get him on the wrong side of people growing up. He also becomes the boyfriend of Lucy, the daughter of the man accused in the death of his family members. His teenage years are turbulent and event filled. After one night of drinking and violence, he awakens to learn about the disappearance of his girlfriend. Has she run away as she once planned? Has something bad happened to her? No one knows. It is a question that he will think about often over the years.

Fast forward to the future: Nate is now a happily married man and father. He has become a respected doctor/surgeon of oncology and his life seems pretty good. That is until he has been called home to attend a funeral – the funeral for Lucy, his long lost girlfriend. Her body has been found in the woods by their hometown. Evidently she never ran away as they all believed all those years ago. As I mentioned, Nate has never stopped thinking about her. He has unanswered questions about the fate of his first love and wants answers. Nate decides to attend the funeral and hopefully get some answers about what happened to Lucy even though there is also a hurricane churning up the coast. Once he is back in his hometown, he is reunited with his high school friends and has learned that pranks are being committed all over town. Certain people are being targeted and property is being damaged. Who is behind all of this? Why do the pranks/destruction of property seem personal?

Nate and his friends also go visit the “Night Ship” which sits alongside the pier. It is the stuff of legends. Bad things happened on the night ship and Nate and his friends: Tom, Johnny, Owen and Lucy, grew up hearing the stories and singing the songs about two twin girls. The group used to hang out there and Nate and Lucy used it for their late night rendezvous.

The entire town has an eerie feel. Lucy’s remains have dredged up old suspicions and thoughts about her disappearance. People look with questioning and blaming eyes. Who is to blame for her being found dead? What happened to her all of those years ago? Who is responsible for the pranks being committed around town. The pranks have become more sinister, violent and personal.

Add all of this up with a bad storm brewing and you have the recipe for the perfect setting for when the proverbial shit hits the fan. Atmospheric and dripping with the need for vengeance, this book cooks up the perfect mystery via coming of age tale. Bodies start turning up and as Nate begins to get some answers to his questions, he also learns that thee was so much more he didn’t know. Can you ever really go home again? People have secrets…what happens when you learn them? When you learn the truth will it set you free or will you learn that sometimes the truth is just the truth and somethings cannot be changed?


I received a copy of this book from Random House publishing – Ballantine Books and Netgally in exchange for an host review. My Thanks to them for giving me this opportunity.