Solstice of the Heart

Solstice of the HeartSolstice of the Heart by Rhonda Burnaugh, April Garner
Published by Trafford Publishing on October 24th 2014
Pages: 212
ISBN: 1490747478
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Solstice of the Heart is the final book in a trilogy, Catch a falling star and Blood Moon on the Rise being the previous books. This book begins where Blood Moon on the Rise ended. This is a time of change, Sera is pregnant and living with D.J. and his family in Texas, Joe and Anni are living in San Francisco with Rose and Michael. Everyone is on edge as it becomes clear that they are still not safe from Gabriel. No one knows where he is and they go about their days with hints of anxiety and anticipation. Joe, Annie, Sera and D.J. cannot be entirely comfortable until Gabriel is found. No one is safe as Gabriel tries to make his way toward the target of his affections.

The book has suspense, mystery, spiritualism, romance, and the close ties of friendship and family.
The friendships are what continue to shine in this trilogy specifically the male friendships. A lot of books focus on female relationships. I like that this trilogy shows men having close friendships as well. Family and what makes a family is also a theme that is in all three of the Author’s books in this series.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.