The Other Side of Him

The Other Side of HimThe Other Side of Him by Alice Rene
on January 1st 1970
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Claire years for a better life and it appears she will have it when she is awarded a scholarship to a college in California and leaves her hometown of Chicago behind. In the midst of her studies, her brother, Tom, contacts her and asks her to go on a blind date with a man named Greg.

Greg is a handsome doctor who she sees on occasion. In the beginning it doesn’t really seem like he is that into her but somewhere along the way he begins to become possessive and Claire begins to see a side of him she does not like. She tends to overlook his outburst of anger and continues dating him until he becomes more than she can handle.

The premise of this book sounded promising. A young woman determined to make her own way after the end of WWII. She wants an education and a job as a medical social worker. She is smart, independent and self sufficient.

I really wished I would have liked this book better. It just failed to grab my interest. The book felt chunky to me. There were a couple of change of scenes which felt abrupt. I also found that the story continuing after the incident wasn’t necessary. I wished the book would have focused more on Claire and less on all her relationships with men. This book may not be the first book by this Author, but it felt like a first book. I think in time, the Author’s writing will become more polished in terms of transitioning from one scene to the next.

What I did like is how the Author showed the viewpoint of people at the time i.e. during the 50’s. Claire mentioned her unease with Greg’s behavior to several people who all seemed to urge her to overlook his behavior. After all, wasn’t he a successful doctor? How lucky for her that she landed him! I think there was not enough education back in the 50’s about domestic violence, warning signs, victims rights, etc.


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