The Ghostwriter

The GhostwriterThe Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre
Published by DCA on October 2nd 2017
Pages: 307
ISBN: 1940941946
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Well, that was not what I expected – at ALL! I read the book blurb and I made assumptions about what the book would be about based on what limited information I was given. I was wrong, and I loved it.

Helena Ross is a successful Author who has quite a prickly personality. She lives by rules – just come to her house you will see some on her door! She is not the most likable character – she rarely smiles, is gruff, comes across as cold, likes to get to the point, and doesn’t appear to have any friends.

Helena makes an announcement to her agent, Kate, that she is going to write her last book. A book which she is not willing to divulge what the book is about. Kate decides to pay Helena a visit and is shocked at what she finds. While discussing the book, Helena informs Kate that she is going to require the assistance of a ghostwriter to help her complete the book in the tight deadline she has set. Kate helps her connect with the Ghostwriter and *BAM* this is where the magic happens.

As Helena and the Ghostwriter begin writing the most important book of Helena’s career, the reader is given glimpses into Helena’s life, her past, why she lives the way she does and why this book is so important to her.

This book is told through a past and present story-lines with various character’s POV’s. This book is well written, with a gripping story-line that sucks you in and won’t let go. As the reader learns more and more about Helena and her Ghostwriter, both characters grow on the reader and each other. **This is not a romance ** Just good old fashioned storytelling with riveting characters. I especially enjoyed that I really had no idea what this book was about. It does have a twist which packs a nice little PUNCH. I also liked that as the book progresses the tension and suspense mounts- this is not your typical page turner – but gosh darn it I had to keep reading to learn why it was so important for Helena to write this book! There are not a lot of characters in this book and there doesn’t need to be. I appreciated the character development and how this aided in the *impact* of the twist in this book. There will be that “aha! now some things make sense!” moment for the readers. This is both satisfying and heartbreaking. I thought this book was brilliantly told and loved how the plot unfolded.

Highly Recommend!