Everything She Lost

Everything She LostEverything She Lost by Alessandra Harris
on January 1st 1970
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With friends like these…..

Nina Taylor works hard every day to stay on top of things. She makes lists to help her remember to do everything she needs to accomplish. Nina suffered a “mental breakdown “that almost resulted in the end of her marriage. Each day she attempts to maintain her sanity while raising two daughters and living with her demanding and distant husband. To add to her list of duties, her friend’s son is constantly at her home. I would have like more of the back story on her mental health issues which caused such an issue with her husband and why people are acting funny around her at school.

Deja Johnson is a single mother with a troubled past. Her past has come calling and she needs to find a way to move past her former issues. Making her life more complicated is that fact that she is sleeping with a married man, not to mention, things she is doing to jeopardize her job. I’ll say it right here, I didn’t care for her character at all. She is sleeping with her best friend’s husband and has no problem having her friend watch her kid while her bangs her husband? She is described as having a troubled past, that doesn’t excuse her and her choices in the present. A lot of reviewers are calling Deja strong, but I viewed her as being weak. Sleeping with her friend’s husband, constant lying, having him over while her son is at home, sleeping with a married client of her employer, to me she has very loose morals and extremely poor judgement. Deja was not strong, she was deceitful, weak and willing to use whomever she could to save her own butt.

Nina and Deja are friends, but one night something happens that will threaten the hold Nina has on her sanity and may expose Deja for what or who she really is. Will the stress of the event threaten Nina’s mental health, or will it make her stronger? Will the backstabbing be found out? Will someone’s true colors finally be seen? To quote a country music song “Somebody done somebody wrong” in this book.

This book deals with a lot of issues including mental health, infidelity, deceit, support systems and secrets to name a few. The reader is aware of what it is going on while Nina is in the dark and trying to manage. It was interesting to see if she was going to “learn the truth” or continue to have the wool pulled over her eyes. Everything comes together in the end. This book proved to be a fast read with a few twists and turns along the way. I would have liked more of Nina and Deja’s back stories. I felt as if I was missing some information that would have helped me enjoy the book more. I found it difficult to like a lot of the characters in this book due to their behaviors and deceit. the ending left me scratching my head, there were a couple of loose ends I would have liked to have been tied up.

I was given a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.