As Sick as Our Secrets

As Sick as Our SecretsAs Sick as Our Secrets by A.B. Whelan
Published by InMotion Capitol on February 14th 2018
Pages: 414
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As Sick as our Secrets is a psychological thriller where every character has his/her secrets.

Olivia Campbell is bored with her “perfect life”. She has the perfect home, the perfect clothes, the perfect husband, what more could she ask for? A lot! Because her “perfect” husband is perfectly controlling, and she doesn’t have much say in her own life. Olivia is not perfect herself. She has her own secrets. She soon learns that her husband has secrets as well after she finds a journal in his study. That is not the only suspicious item she has found around her home. She also found some other items which would belong to a woman. Why? What secrets does her husband have?

Olivia has also formed a friendship with Ashley Benson. Ashley also has secrets. She is a psychologist who engages in risky behaviors in her personal life. Ashley has just earned her degree and has set up her own private practice. Her one and only client, Skylar, did not show up for her second therapy appointment. Fearing the worst, she calls her friend Olivia to help her. She knows she can count of Olivia as Olivia has recently saved her from a compromising position after a date left her in a bind.

Then there is their friend Betty. The three women all got in a little trouble together in Las Vegas and Ashley and Olivia feel Betty “owes” them so they enlist her to help as well. Betty is the wife of a police officer and fears that their investigation into the missing woman may cause problems in her marriage if her husband ever finds out. But since she “owes “them she goes along with their investigation.

Olivia is more than happy to help Ashley, even if Betty isn’t, as she (Olivia) years for excitement in her life but also feels the young woman’s disappearance may have something to do with the journal and personal items she found at her home. The three women go on a quest to find the “fifty shades killer” in hopes of learning Skylar’s fate and the identity of the killer.

This book is told in varying POV’s and at times, I had to figure out just whose POV I was reading. It wasn’t too hard, but I wish it had been clearer. For me, I would have liked a little more suspense, and some more twists and turns in this book. Although good, I found that this book failed to really dazzle or WOW me. Nothing was too shocking or revealing. There were some twists and turns but none that really excited me.

Thank you to Goodreads, the Author and InMotion Capital for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.