Review Policy

What genres/age groups do you read? I read just about anything and everything but for the sake of my blog, I will provide a breakdown of books I am willing to review and books/subjects I am not willing to review.

Children’s/Middle grade – I am willing to read novels. I am not open to reading comics, graphic novles, Non-Fiction, Short Stories and Poetry.

Young adult –This is one of my favorite genres. I will usually read anything in this age group, with the exception of graphic novels and Comics.

Fiction – I am open to reading just about anything in this genre. I love dramatic Novels, coming of age stories, mysteries, thrillers, action, romance, horror, chick lit, dystopian, and some sci-fi and paranormal.

Poetry – I’ll admit; I love the classics but I have not read much poetry currently. However; I am open to reading it and reviewing Collections or individual books.

Non-Fiction – I will usually read anything history related in this group. I especially love North American History. I enjoy biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. I am not interested in reading Self-help/Self-Improvement, Fitness, Exercise Science, Wellness, Mindfulness, Medicine, and/or Alternative Medicine at this time.

In what formats do you accept ARCs?
I am happy to receive Advanced Reader Copies and Review Copies of books. Books can be mailed to me or I happily accept e-books. I do not accept audiobooks.

1. When contacting me for a review, please include the summary, the release date, and a picture of the cover if at all possible.

2. Books that are sent to me will be reviewed within a reasonable time frame (no longer than 2-3 months) unless the publisher has asked me beforehand to review it by a certain date. That said, I review books in the order in which I receive them.

3. I will give a very honest review of the book. Reviews may contain negative criticism.

4. Reviews are posted on my blog Open Book Post as well as Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and NetGallery(if I receive the book from there). I often post reviews on Amazon but this may not always be the case.

5. If a book is sent to me by a Publisher, I will send an email once the review has posted.

6. I will accept self-published books for review on a case by case basis. My Reviews cannot be used without my permission.