Red Rising

Red RisingRed Rising (Red Rising, #1) by Pierce Brown
Published by Del Rey (Random House) on January 28th 2014
Pages: 382
ISBN: 0345539788
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Whew! This is one of the most dark and violent YA book I think I have ever read. I am paraphrasing another reviewer who said this book is the love child of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. If those 2 books could mesh together and have a love child, that lived on Mars, this book would be it. This book is about caste or class divisions. Reds are on the bottom Golds are on top. Darrow is a red who is recruited after a tragic loss. He is angered to see that there is more to life on Mars than he was ever led to believe. He is entered into a world where he is grouped with others and they are left alone for a year. There is a lot of violence. It is a kill or be killed type of mentality. Darrow rises to the occasion.I can’t believe this is a YA book. I doubt I will be reading this rest of this series


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