ProvidenceProvidence by Caroline Kepnes
Published by Lenny on June 19th 2018
Pages: 400
ISBN: 0399591435
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on and Chloe are best friends who have grown up together in a small town in New Hampshire. Jon is sort of an outcast and is bullied by his peers. Chloe does not care when her friends ridicule her for sitting with Jon at lunch or for hanging out with him after school. Both feel a connection to the other and feel as if he/she has finally found someone who “gets” him/her. Then one day Jon is kidnapped and not seen or heard from in four years.

Chloe has gone on with her life and makes attempts to fit in and be a “normal” teenager even though her best friends is missing. Jon suddenly wakes up from a medically induced coma to learn he has been kidnapped by a substitute teacher who leaves him a note telling him that they did “good work” and “you’re welcome.” Jon realizes he has powers now and that people are not safe around him. Jon decides to leave town but not before attracting the attention of a detective who becomes obsessed with a series of deaths that appear to be connected.

I know a lot of people are really enjoying this book, but it was not for me. We are not all going to like the same books, this is a book I had high hopes for, but just didn’t enjoy. There is a strong emphasis on H.P. Lovecraft here and that is not a bad thing, possibly fans of Lovecraft will enjoy this book more. I believe a lot of the references were lost on me. There are also some elements that just had me scratching my head. I admit, I wanted to learn more about his kidnapping and what occurred while he was kept in the basement. Jon never learns the full truth and I guess that is why the reader never learns the truth either.

This book started out good. I was really enjoying it up until Jon decided to leave town for good. That is where the book went downhill for me and I found myself losing interest in this book fast. I knew that this book was going to be nothing like “YOU” and I was expecting that, but this book just failed to grab me. I’ll go so far as to say I was bored while reading this book. I found myself skimming through parts that were just dragging on and on and on…. Sadly, this book was just not for me.

Thank you to Random House Publishing Group and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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