PinesPines (Wayward Pines, #1) by Blake Crouch
Published by Brilliance Audio on August 21st 2012
Pages: 309
ISBN: 1469216000
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Blake Crouch you son of a gun…you sucked me in right away with this book. I was literally drawn in by the very first page. It kept my interest and I actually finished it very fast. It turned into a page turner for me. I loved that the main character, Ethan, was in a town trying to find 2 missing agents and woke to find himself injured on the side of the road after and “accident”. I liked that the town was a town where everything looked fine of the surface but something was just off and did not feel right. I liked the creepiness of this town. I liked how off things felt off and began to look off as well. I got my detective hat on and was trying to figure out things as well. There were some timeline things that took some thought. Such as Ethan, the main Character was in the town for 5 days but then we see a section featuring his wife Theresa and their friends, and he has been missing for 14 months. Did time slow down in The Pines? Was this an alternative universe? Was this all in his head as he was being tortured as a prisoner of war? These were some of my theories. I think the Author was relying on the reading figuring things out for him/her self along the way. When the reveal comes at the end there is some explanation of the time issues but there are still holes there (at least for me). I did have to suspend disbelief in this book to a small degree.

I have to say that this book would have been a 4.5 read for me but the “reveal” at the end just bothered me to some degree. I know that some readers loved it and found it to be brilliant, I was wanting or hoping for more. I’m not sure what I was expecting but just something more. Like the character in the book, something just did not feel right about it.

But I do have to give the book 4 solid stars for sucking me in, I kept reading for most of the day yesterday because the book was a big page turner for me.


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