Pieces of Her

Pieces of HerPieces of Her by Karin Slaughter
Published by William Morrow on August 21st 2018
Pages: 480
ISBN: 0062430297
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How well do you know someone? Andrea Cooper thought she knew her Mother, Laura. Her mother is a speech therapist who is a pillar of the community. She is liked and known by most people in their town. But one day at lunch, their whole lives are turned upside down. In the face of danger, Laura jumps into action and Andrea (and the rest of the world) gets to see another side of her Mother. Just who is this woman? Certainly not the woman that Andrea has known her entire life!

From that moment on, Andrea learns that there is more to her Mother than meets the eye. Mainly who she is and the “truth” about her past.

I can’t say much more without giving away any spoilers. I will say this is the first Karin Slaughter book that I did not devour. It was slow going for me. At first I thought “Oh no! I’m not really digging this…” but then it got better! Although, it did get better, I found this book to be not quite as enjoyable as her other books. Having said that, this is still an enjoyable book. I just found this lacked the edge of your seat, pulse pounding, I-can’t-put-this-book-down feel that I experienced from her other books. I found this to be a little bit of a departure from her other books. This story is told in alternating timelines with the chapter headings clearly labeled so you know what “time” and what character you are reading about.

The last third of the book was my favorite! Things really picked up and began to make sense which made the book more enjoyable. As the past and present collided- personal secrets, family secrets, hidden agendas, lies, and deceptions become known.

As with all of Slaughter’s book, this book is well-written. It was not the roller coaster ride I am used to being on while reading a Slaughter book but it was still enjoyable and entertaining. A departure form her police procedural crime books. Although there is crime here and a HUGE mystery to solve, it didn’t have the same feel as her other books, which I think some readers will really like and others may not. I liked that she did something different. I had to remind myself not to compare this book to her Grant County or Will Trent books. This is one of her stand-alone novels.

Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper Collins/William Morrow Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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