Our Souls at Night

Our Souls at NightOur Souls at Night by Kent Haruf
Published by Knopf on May 26th 2015
Pages: 179
ISBN: 1101875895
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Our Souls at Night is the last novel by Kent Haruf. It was published after his death. It is a beautiful and touching last novel for the Author. It is a quite and small piece of work that touches on human beings need for connection and warmth from each other.

Addie, a widower pays an visit to her neighbor, Louis, who is also a widower. They have lived across the street from each other for decades and are familiar with each others lives. They knew each others spouses and saw each other grieve the loss of their spouse. During her visit to Louis, Addie makes a proposition to him. She suggests that they spend their nights together in order to ease the loneliness and to have someone to speak with before falling asleep.

This is a bittersweet tale about longing and the need for intimacy. Two elderly widowers come together at night to talk about their lives and to feel connected to another human being. Will their families approve? Will there be scandalous talk in town?


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