One Cold Sunday

One Cold SundayOne Cold Sunday by F.J. Harmon
Published by Amazon Digital Services on March 6th 2018
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What happens when the women in your life turn up dead?

Doyle is an attorney married to a very wealthy woman. Her family has never approved of him, which made him even more desirable in his wife’s eyes. When their marriage suddenly ends, they publicly argue over some paintings and he threatened her. When his soon to be ex-wife is accidentally killed, how can anyone believe his innocence when a room full of witnesses hear his threat?

Due to his soon to ex-wife’s disappearance, he is now on the FBI’s radar. His every move is being watched and even more women connected to some degree to him are turning up missing and Doyle can be linked back in some way to all of them. It doesn’t help that he is not a very likeable character. I did not find anyone in this book to be likeable.

Is Doyle a cold-blooded killer? Is he a serial killer with no memory of his crimes? Is he being set up? If he is not the killer, who is? Is he in on it? What really is going on? What is with all his outbursts? Seriously, being an attorney, I would think he would no better than to shoot his mouth off so often in public!

This is a mystery “whodunit” with a twist at the end. This book proved to be a fast read that kept me guessing. Associative Identity is mentioned in the description so keep that in mind while reading this book. There is a reveal at the end but even with that reveal, I thought “so what” that is the reason behind all the killings? really? Sure, people will kill for any and every reason, but I was hoping for a reason with a little more “oomph” at the end.

Overall, an interesting read with a reveal which I did not guess – or should I say one part I guessed and one part I did not guess. Even though there are killings in this book, it is not overly graphic or gory, so most readers should not have a problem with it.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.


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