My Name is Lucy Barton

My Name is Lucy BartonMy Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout
on January 1st 1970
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Lucy Barton is in the hospital following a simple operation. For some reason, she remains hospitalized for weeks on end. Her husband, William seldom visits as he does not like hospitals. He calls Lucy’s Mother whom she has not seen in years to come visit Lucy in the Hospital. Over the course of her Mother’s five day visit to Lucy in the hospital, Lucy and her Mother gossip/reminiscence about people from Lucy’s childhood in Amgash, Illinois. They seem to discuss everything except Lucy’s childhood and upbringing. Lucy grew up extremely poor and was made fun of constantly at school. She tells of being locked for hours in her father’s truck.She shared how she stayed as long as she could at school as her home was so cold. While visiting in the hospital, the women seem to discuss others so they do not need to discuss their dysfunctional family.

The visit seems a catalyst for Lucy as she has time to think about her childhood, her dreams of becoming a writer and her troubled marriage.

Elizabeth Stout is such a gifted writer and I loved every word in this Novel. This is a great book for book clubs. I would love to sit down with someone and discuss this book.The premise of this bo ok is quite simple, a Mother visiting her daughter in the hospital after a prolonged recovery following surgery. However, this is not a simple story. In the very gifted hands of Elizabeth Strout it is a moving and thought provoking novel. I highly recommend this book.


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