Mistress Mine

Mistress MineMistress Mine by Gabrielle Dubois, Jane Hentges
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on March 31st 2016
Pages: 388
ISBN: 1530834325
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In 1876, Louise Saint Quentin became an Orphan. Her brother never wanted to acknowledge her existence as their Mother died giving birth to Louise. Her father rarely acknowledged her either. As a young woman living in a time where society deemed a man was needed, her future seemed mapped out. A marriage of convenience would be arranged so that she would have help managing her estate. Louise was young and have a yearning to know more about the world. She wanted to hear music, see Paris, travel, and experience art in various forms. She wasn’t too pragmatic. She tended to think with her heart and not with her head. The joys of youth!

This historical fiction/romance is also a type of coming of age for Louise. As she experiences life we see her grow, become more confident and more worldly.

I had a hard time getting into this book in the beginning. I kept picking up other books and reading them. I almost dnf this book in the beginning; however, I kept with it. What I liked the most was the character development of Louise. She is head strong, stubborn, impulsive and doesn’t always use the best judgement. As the book progresses, it wasn’t the romance(s) but the main characters personal growth that I enjoyed the most. As she experiences life, she learns, grows and becomes as I stated earlier more self-confident.

This book was originally written in French so those who can should probably read the French version. This was translated into English and at times the sentences felt choppy. Overall, after a rocky start, I enjoyed her travels, experiences with romance and her journey through self exploration.


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