Missing Pieces

Missing PiecesMissing Pieces by Ivy Smoak
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 381
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Hailey and Tyler meet by chance when Tyler exits the freeway in hopes of finding a gas station. He decides to stop for a drink at a bar where Hailey is working behind the counter. Both have things in their life that are troubling them. Tyler is leaving NYC and heading to California in hopes of starting over and doing something great. Hailey has learned some troubling news and wants to head to California in hopes of helping a loved one.

Hailey decides to take a chance and invites herself on Tyler’s drive to California. Tyler has no idea why Hailey wants to go to California but decides to let her come along. Both are intrigued by the other and both had fun flirting at the bar. Both feel the chemistry between them, but both are set on achieving their goal of getting to California. Both characters leave out bits and pieces of information about their lives, hence the title Missing pieces.

This proved to be a fast read with like-able characters who are prone to jumping to conclusions and not being entirely forthcoming with the other person. Both characters are like-able and both have some growing up to do. At times I wanted to pull Hailey aside and tell her to stop and just listen. She tended to jump to conclusions, act impulsively and create arguments that the couple did not need to have. If she would have just stopped and listened, heard Tyler out, then things would have gone much smoother for the couple. Having said that, her character is twenty-two years old and did not have a lot of life experience, so it is understandable how she lacked some emotional maturity. But she was always willing to right a wrong after she realized that there was more to the story than she originally thought.

As the characters go on their physical journey, each are also on their own personal journeys as well. Both are dealing with their own individual pain. Both learn to open up, to work on their communication skills, to trust themselves and each other, both learn to let go of past pain and guilt. They also learn to forgive others and themselves. The book is also about the missing pieces in their lives and how they both fill a piece in the other’s life. I also liked that even though each character had issues, they supported each other without asking the other to change or compromise who they were as a person.

This was a fast and enjoyable read. This book touches on love, loss, abandonment, cancer, romance, staring over, rejection and falling in love. Perfect for end of summer/pool/beach reading.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.


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