Losing Leah Holloway

Losing Leah HollowayLosing Leah Holloway (Claire Fletcher & Detective Parks Mystery #2) by Lisa Regan
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 379
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I thought this book was fantastic. I thought it had the right amount of suspense, dread, mystery, romance, and intrigue to keep me interested and happily reading! I have read quite a few books lately where I just want to tell others to READ THIS BOOK!!! This is one of them! This book is the second in the series but it works brilliantly as a stand alone novel. I did not read the first book; although, I desperately want to do so now!!!

I was hooked from the beginning when a woman, Leah Holloway, drives a car full of children off a overpass into a river. From there the story unfolds and it is quite the story full of family secrets, abuse, murder, romance, tension, starting over, and secret lives.

Claire Fletcher and her sister, Brianna are fishing when they see the car drive off the overpass and into the river. Claire jumps into action and is able to get all of the children out of the car safely through the sunroof. What is baffling is that the driver, Leah Holloway, does not want to be saved. In fact, she tries to stop Claire from saving her and the children. Claire is haunted by Leah’s face as he describes it as being “terrorized”.

While shivering on the river bank after saving the children, Claire is reacquainted with Connor Parks, the investigator who solved Claire’s abduction case. Claire Fletcher had been kidnapped and held for 10 years by a pedophile. Claire has been home for 5 years and had a romantic relationship with Connor which ended even though both still have feelings for the other.

Connor and his partner, Jade have been working the “Soccer Mom Strangler” investigation. Women who look similar to Leah have been raped, strangled and found with bite marks on their bodies. While attempting to figure out why Leah Holloway drove her vehicle off an overpass killing 4 people in addition to herself, Connor and his partner begin to wonder what connection did Leah have to the Soccer Mom Strangler. Was there a connection?

As the story progresses, the reader is given more insight into Leah Holloway’s life. She was seen by all as the perfect Mom, with a stable marriage. She did not drink, she had a strong distaste for cheaters and had no problems at her job. Not only are we given more insight into Leah’s life but we also learn more about Claire and her abduction and the rapes and beatings she suffered over the years. This helps to fill in information on Claire’s life and why she had issues being in a relationship with Connor from the first book. This was done in a very subtle way. I learned a lot about her without having the full synopsis of the first book thrown into the mix.

A lot happens in this book and it all feels believable. I appreciated how the story of Leah was given in little snippets and how the police investigation progressed. Nothing felt rushed or dragged on in this book. There are some really good twists and turns in this book. There were also revelations that I did not see coming! I love when an Author is able to pull this off! I also love when I read a book out of sequence and it makes me want to go back and read the first in the series. That is how good this book is. I also really enjoyed the romance between Connor and Claire. I really hope there will be another book in the series. I will be first in line to read it.

If you enjoy fast paced thriller this book is for you! If you like a little romance with your mystery/thriller this book is for you! If you like a page turner this book is for you!

I highly recommend this book.

I received a copy of this book from Thomas and Mercer and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to them for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.


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