KnownKnown (Bone Secrets, #5) by Kendra Elliot
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 348
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Known begins with a man, Chris, enjoying a solitary weekend at his cabin in the mountains while his son is visiting his Grandmother. While Chris is out enjoying the winter day in the mountains, he comes across a teenager and her unconscious Mother in a SUV. Their burned cabin has a dead body inside. Chris instantly recognizes the smell of burnt human flesh from his childhood and we learn that he has a tragic past that he struggles to bury. So begins the tale of people brought together under mysterious circumstances in the dead of winter.

Chris, Gianna (the Mother and medical examiner), and her daughter Violet take refuge in Chris’s cabin while a winter storm makes it difficult to get to safety. A killer is nearby watching and waiting for a chance to strike.Both Chris and Gianna have secret tragedies in their past and recognize that each other has secrets. How did Chris get his scars and why is someone targeting a woman and her teenage daughter.

This book is part mystery and part love story. It was the perfect blend of both genres. As the body count adds up and secrets are revealed, the story unfolds. I really liked the pacing of this book. Nothing felt rushed. The story moved along and there were no dull parts.

I really enjoyed this book. This is one where the reader is given some information but, at least for me, not enough initially to figure things out. The story unfolds at a very nice pace and soon, we learn the identity of the murderer. I enjoyed this mystery and the characters in it. For me Chris was the most sympathetic and likable character.

Great book to curl up and read on a cold winter night or over a weekend. Very nice modern mystery. I would definitely read more in this series and more books by this Author.


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