Jacob’s Cellar

Jacob’s CellarJacob's Cellar by Richard G. Sharp
Published by Createspace on November 13th 2012
Pages: 282
ISBN: 1478350326
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***Received from Goodreads first reads giveaway

This book started slowly for me and then it grabbed me! It is a work of historical fiction. The book is about war, family, relationships, secrets and assimiliation. What first grabbed my attention was the mystery of what happened to Jacob in the celler. But then the lives of the many protaganosists, how they intertwined, and how they related to each other, as well as, how THEY were related to each other really sparked my interest. The storytelling was fantastic. I loved how it all unfolded and certain “truths” came out. The reader does learn what happened in the cellar – not just what happened to Jacob but what occured between other characters and how certain events shaped and changed lives. I really enjoyed this book.


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