ItIt by Stephen King
Published by New English Library on October 1st 1987
Pages: 1116
ISBN: 0450411435
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This is one of my favorite Stephen King books. Why? Probably because it was the first book to really scare me. I was young when this book came out and the idea of kids, and then adults fighting an evil so terrifying was so attractive to me.

Derry, Maine should be a lovely place to live. A beautiful hometown. Wholesome and safe. Yet it is not. There is an evil lurking here. An Evil that preys on children. It lurks in the dark, in the deep, in the sewers, in storm drains, it comes out to terrorize, to hunt, to take the shape of one’s darkest deepest fears.

Children know something is amiss. Something is out there..waiting, waiting, waiting and then killing, killing, killing.

They thought they killed it. They thought they had conquered evil. But they did not and now as adults. They made a promise to each other. A promise that they would come back. They would face It once again.

Chills. Stephen King knows how to spin a yarn. He knows what and how to scare us and he does it well.

A Masterpiece!


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