In Her Shadow

In Her ShadowIn Her Shadow by Mark Edwards
on October 4th 2018
Pages: 366
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Jessica’s sister, Isabel, “Izzy” died four years ago and Jessica has never doubted the coroner’s finding that her sister’s death was an accident. But when her four-year-old daughter, Olivia, begins mentioning things, things that only Jessica and her sister knew, Jessica becomes concerned. Is her daughter interested in death because of her age and she is beginning to understand what that means? Is she curious about the Aunt she never knew? As the tension mounts, Jessica begins to wonder if her sister’s death was really an accident? How does her daughter know so much about her dead aunt? Is her daughter getting messages from beyond the grave? What was going on in his sister’s life leading up to her death?

Mark Edwards has created a creepy psychological thriller that does not disappoint. I questioned what was real and what was not real while reading this book. This book has a feel of dread and apprehension. Are ghosts real? Is Olivia talking to a ghost? How does she know everything she knows? As Jessica becomes more concerned about her daughter, I did as well. As Jessica becomes obsessed with learning the truth, it is easy to feel her emotions, her anxiety, her suspicion, her fears, her concern for her family and her need to know the truth. I came up with several theories and guesses while reading. Edwards does a good job at throwing out some possibilities but keeps the truth just out of the reader’s grasp.

I read this book in one day as I was fully invested in learning the truth. There are twists and turns which I did not see coming. There is an interesting, yet plausible reveal at the end. Edwards has created interesting and fully developed characters who are dealing with a lot of issues in this book. The story-line touches on several things such as sex, love, loss, infidelity, grief, the #MeToo movement, trust, guilt, family secrets, lies, relationships, drug use and obsession. There is a paranormal element which I thought he worked flawlessly into the story.

Another solid book by Edwards.

Thank you to Amazon Publishing UK/Thomas Mercer and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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